Handling of Loot

There is no rule on this and it is up to individual players. The request though is for each player to have respect for those within the community. Let the character that needs an item roll for an item before those that just want the item due to greed or because they can sale it for a high price and get an item that they want for the character, even if it is ‘within character' to have the greed negative attribute to the character. Need before greed is how things should happen but it is not a hard and fast rule.

Just like in Pen and Paper games players would divide up the treasure at the end and rarely (if ever) would a fighter take an item that could be used by a mage, and vice versa. In PnP games players worked well together because you are face to face in a social setting and because you valued the game and the group as a whole. It should be the same here within the Layonara community. Respect and courtesy should be the rule of thumb.

My personal opinion is that people should not compete for items for which they have no use or RP reason to have and the character does not need the item. Now once a party goes through all of the items and it is determined that no character needs an item then it is open to anybody rolling for it via the greed route, nothing wrong with that.

What defines need? That depends on the player and character and is one of the reasons this is not a hard and fast rule. I personally define need as the character would equip the item if the roll is won and would have that item equipped for at least 1-2 full levels and it fits the RP for the character class/race.

One thing I want to throw in here, this is a game clearly but what if it were real? What if you were in a jungle (as an example) with 3-6 people, climbing the mountains, cutting through the trees, fighting those creatures, healing and protecting each other day after day. I guarantee in that case you would definitely put need before greed and I would bet you a good amount of money that even the 'greedy' ones would do it as it would allow them a better chance to survive in the long run. The party dynamics would be quite different than a 'game' because you would have to put need before greed and I feel that is what you should do in the game.

People should deal with loot, be it gold or items, in a fair and equitable way and have respect for the community as a whole.