NWN and Your Public CD Key

What is my public CD Key and why do you want it?

Well ok then! Your public CD Key is a unique identifier that Bioware has included so that module scripters could track players and provide you with nifty things like PvP tracking, Death Tokens, and other such fun things!

This CD Key is not your full CD Key by the way, it's just eight letters and/or numbers taken from your original NwN CD Key. There is no way someone could figure out your real CD Key from just these eight characters. Also to note on this is that Layonara already uses your public CD Key but does not advertise it anywhere and only a restricted few actually have access to the information.

How to figure out your public CD Key
  1. Find your original NwN CD Key (Key1 of nwncdkey.ini or inside your NwN instruction manual){0}{1}
  2. Take the first 8 even numbered digits.
    • If your key is:
    • What you want:
    • Public CD Key is:

{0}: This is not your Hordes of the Underdark CD Key, nor is it your Shadows of Undrentide CD Key either. This is the stock NwN CD Key. If you've got the Platinum or Gold (or any other shiny delux pack) you want the first CD Key. This is called Key1 and you may find the order of the keys is reversed, however they are labeled correctly.
{1}: If you have multiple NWN CD Keys you can put them all in your NWN Profile.

How to tell your Public CD Key is working

If you properly enter your Bioware username and public cd key a list of the characters you have played will show up on your character profile.