Role Players Guide to NWN

The following is a pdf on put out by the Neverwinter Nights Community and is useful and generally reflects what we use here in Layonara. It covers a vast amount of material including: character creation, speaking, emoting, walking, and a multiplayer environment. Even though it specifically refers to Neverwinter Nights as a medium, the concepts easily cross over to other online game mediums.

The file covers some nice topic areas regarding general role playing such as:

  • Metagaming

  • OOC chatting

  • When and how to use the various chat channels (Talk, Party, etc.)

  • Role playing in large groups and general courtesy

  • Emoting

  • L33t Sp34k

  • Respecting the game AI

  • Appropriate use of skill checks

This is a very good reference and a recommended read.