Rules for Harvesting

Everybody is reminded once again that this is an RP/Action world and as such everything we do needs to be in an RP fashion. Some people are going to like these rules and some are going to hate them but I need to have something stated so that everybody is on the same playing field. I am not trying to be mean or picky nor am I trying to take away the fun.

  • The first rule is to use common sense when harvesting; if it seems like it would not be likely or that it is stretching the reality (in Layonara) too much then do not do it. Though there is magic in Layonara, the laws of nature as we know it on earth will take priority when it comes to harvesting.

  • Only use summons with arms and legs to harvest. Do not use animals and such; it just does not fit well, no matter how far the reality is pushed.

  • I personally think spells should not be used at all for harvesting but that then I also think they should not be used for crafting. At one time (and still from time to time) I seriously consider making crafting halls magic dead zones. But, I digress. I don't want to take the fun away from the world so using spells is okay if it is kept within reason. IE. Do not use fire type spells on trees and plants, it would burn them. Use an appropriate spell for the appropriate harvest is what I am asking for.

  • Do not have more than one weapon (ever) equipped when harvesting. This is an exploit and is punishable with a temporary ban on the second warning and a permanent ban on the 3rd warning. You may dual weild woodaxes though, this is the only exception.

- Leanthar