IMPORTANT -- Server problems 1-March-2017

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IMPORTANT -- Server problems 1-March-2017


Earlier tonight, we had some problem with the server that left a few characters corrupted. I hope we things under control for the moment, however, I want to offer a few words of caution while we are still sorting things through.

First, I am giving a provisional "All Clear" to log into the server again. However if you experience any trouble getting logged in or if the server crashes while trying to log in or after, do one of the following immediately:

The main way this corruption seems to manifest is that it causes the server to crash when a player loads up the character selection screen. On your end, you'll see a server timeout message when trying to get to this point. Note that if you see this, it doesn't necessarily mean you have a corrupted character. It only means that the server is down. However, in one instance tonight, a player with a corrupted character was able to repeatedly crash the server when attempting to log in.

Assuming we get things sorted out, we can return to a lower alert status in a few days.

Any questions about this? Please ask below.


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I was able to get Griff on last night after this announcement with no problems

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