Emeralds for Auction

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Emeralds for Auction

Notices are posted throughout the taverns and notice boards in both the towns of Center and Port Hempstead, revealing beautiful calligraphy in purple ink.

Emeralds for Auction

            In my possession are two of the rarest and finest of gems in thier purest form.  The auction will start at 20,000 tr for each raw emerald.  Let the bidding war begin, it will only last for a week.


((The final best bid before Friday next week after the RR will have the gems.  I should be able to make that RR, so if the winner happens to be there I will give them the gems when we finish the RR event))

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Miss Lia,


If you fail to achieve a bid on these, the Angels can offer a significant discount for emerald jewelry if you provide the emeralds.  Something I hope you have  considered.




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Dear Miss Lia,

I would be very interested in at least one of the raw emeralds. Seeing there are no bids yet, I will be the first to place one. My starting bid for one of the gems will be 30,000 T.


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*A flown caligrapny is read * 

Greetings Miss Lia.  

I am most interested in the remaining gem you are offering so, i'll be metting the initial bidding of 20,000 trues , Please let me know when this is finished or if we can get to an arrangemente . I'll be pending of the developments. 

~Argos Stargazer, 


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