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NWN Enhanced Edition Information Compilation

Beamdog has announced NWN:EE is in development. This is exciting news! There's a lot of links and information floating around, though, so here's some links and, maybe later, some good/bad/ugly thoughts.

Answers to some FAQ:

  • Yes, Master Server will return
  • Server multithreading, but not client/toolset
  • Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, no mobile at this time and currently toolset is (still) Windows-only
  • Backwards-compatible in that most fanmade SP modules should work (some might need tweaking) and old OC saves should work
  • Like patches of old, you'll need an EE 1.74 client to log in to a 1.74 server, and vice versa
  • No additional content/refreshes beyond quality of life for the OC at this time -- most of the work has gone "under the hood"
  • No moves towards assimilating/extinguishing the community-run vault (and the admin wouldn't stand for it, despite working on EE)
  • HAKs will be preloaded (eg for custom classes/skills being selectable at character creation)
  • eventual steam workshop support
  • equipment-hiding
  • Yes, you can buy base and upgrade to DD later (in progress)
  • Creature scaling (besides tail-method)
  • per-part PLTs 

NWNX Specific:

  • A NWN:EE version of NWNX has been developed alongside EE. Currently compiled NWNX plugins for EE (1.74):
    • NWNX_Administration.so
    • NWNX_BehaviourTree.so
    • NWNX_Chat.so
    • NWNX_Core.so
    • NWNX_Creature.so
    • NWNX_Data.so
    • NWNX_Events.so
    • NWNX_Metrics_InfluxDB.so
    • NWNX_MoveSpeed.so
    • NWNX_Names.so
    • NWNX_Object.so
    • NWNX_Optimizations.so
    • NWNX_Player.so
    • NWNX_Profiler.so
    • NWNX_Repair.so
    • NWNX_Ruby.so
    • NWNX_SQL.so
    • NWNX_StickyCombatModes.so
    • NWNX_ThreadWatchdog.so
    • NWNX_TMI.so
    • NWNX_Tracking.so
  • "The initial release (of NWNX) will be Linux only (but) the core is designed to be cross-platform (without the dev needing to know what platform things are running on unless they are doing advanced assembly stuff). We simply don't have the resources while everything is changing fast and new plugins are being written, to make sure they work properly on both platforms and update everything each release."
  • Binaries will be released soon, sources are farther away but ASAP
  • NWNX_Data comes with support for arrays and maps.
  • Server deployment via Docker is being tested
  • Plugin writing example

I've a lot of thoughts and excitement, personally, but I'll spare you the lengthy pontifications for now :) 

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I read about PW's and that there won't be any problems on regards of compability , but well guess we'll know till its get out.  At any rate i did buy The pre-order of 20 usd, Lets hope that the upgraded lists for server works well. 


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This may very well bring a lot of old and new folks to the server!


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LucinditeMistiteGamemasterWriting Team Member
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Lance Stargazer wrote:

I read about PW's and that there won't be any problems on regards of compability , but well guess we'll know till its get out. 

That really depends on your definition of "compatibility". It's definitely the same game, and all your custom content, save games, etc will work. SP modules should work, though some may need some tweaking. But patches are rarely "drop-in" beasts for servers, and while there's no content that would cause a lot of 2da merging headaches, there's a lot more going on than a patch of old. NWNX and NWNCX features being integrated into the base game are exciting, but are changes, especially with NWNX getting what looks like a whole new shiny codebase. So even if it's not a huge deal, it's not automated :)

LordCove wrote:

This may very well bring a lot of old and new folks to the server!

I don't know. Just like patches of old, you can't log into 1.69 servers with 1.74 clients, and 1.69 clients can't join 1.74 servers -- so if people come back for EE, they're not going to be able to play in servers that haven't made the switch... and servers making the switch early (if they upgrade at all) can leave behind players that never left, you know? I'm personally excited for the NWN community as a whole, but there's some valid concerns about base-splitting as some commit to updating and others either won't or can't. One person was even asking after bulk key buying discounts to bring all their players in; others are talking about keeping both versions up. 

(There is nothing official in any of these comments, so I'm not trying to speculate on what's going to happen Layo-wise -- just that there's other factors at work, you know?)

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If you keep both versions up, I wonder if that will split the player base and some characters would just not interact with each other.

If Layo updates to 1.74 the staff might have some work ahead of them in order to make sure everything added prior still functions appropriately (or removed if now redundant with 1.74 changes).  This might actually become a load for the current staff (depending on how compatible it is) and will either take a while or have a need to add some willing members of the current player base to help out.

Will the Layo team want to do this?  I brought up the idea of this maybe bringing some people back as well, but even if Layo does update to EE another question that can be raised is how many people (old and new player base) would want to actually rebuy the game as an EE to eventually play on Layo?

This might also take the team away from other projects they might prefer to do.

LucinditeMistiteGamemasterWriting Team Member
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I don't know if there are any plans or discussions in either direction at the moment. EE release is still being actively developed with community input, and the potential to split bases is a concern for more servers than just ours. The ones that I've seen talking about mirroring were bigger servers that might have the log-in numbers to warrant it.

In Layo's case -- and this is just me talking out my @#%$, to be clear, and in no way reflects anything official or "team branded" -- even if upgrading became a possibility for the server (no idea, there!), I guess we'd need to get an idea of how many of our remaining players would be able to upgrade along with it and see where we were at. I'm not sure doing all the work of updating (and buying, at that) would be a great investment if you were going to lose what players you had in hopes of getting some unconfirmed old ones back :) I think we have some people still running on XP here, which could be a problem. Still, NWN is getting a lot more eyes than it has in awhile.

Anyway, the news is still in early stages, that whole situation is still evolving, and Layo isn't going anywhere at the moment, so no one should feel compelled to drop $20 for EE on Layo's account. Or,

Don't panic! 

Hehe. I'll be picking it up hopefully soon, and am excited for NWN. My GOG client isn't going anywhere, though, so sitting tight seems the sanest option for the nonce :) 

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