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Maps and Deeds

Good day,

I rented a room from another player and set off to decorate it, but I just don't know what to buy to furnish the place with.

I noticed that there were files for download containing what furniture deeds would look like once placed, but the link appears to be broken.  I also couldn't find anything like it in the downloadable files part of the website.  Are those files missing now or are they integrated into one of the .hak or .tlk files?

Also during my search, I noticed the maps were once available for download, but once again the link seems to be broken (and the option to download is not available for the maps I can see).  Is that no longer the case or am I looking in the wrong places?

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Hey there,

minerva uploaded the placeables to the gallery a while back. Not sure if any new deeds were added after 2005 so no idea if they are still up to date.

Maps can be found unter Lore -> Almanac ->Maps


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Thank you for the information.  Its good to know what something looks like before you buy it, haha.


I also already know about the maps location.  I was just saying that it looked like they used to be available for download if, for instance, you want to make minor changes for personal use.  Like points of interest, border changes, etc.  It seems that the option to download them is no longer available, but wanted to know if I missed something or if that is truly the case.

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Right-click, Save Image As ? Or equivalent for your OS/Browser :) The maps are all just images, so they can be saved like any other one. I've copied and edited them a lot, heh. See here and here for examples of experiments! Coastlines (among other things) still needed a lot of work, but I pretty much carved them as exactly as I could from the original map as a starting point. (And yeah, the other one is terrible for readability but I was just trying to jam a lot of text where it shouldn't go :| ) 

Thanks from:

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