Wanting to understand the Aasimar race

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Wanting to understand the Aasimar race

hey everyone,

Ive recently thought about making an Aasimar paladin. I read over the things in the forum and the PDF but im still a little confused about the Aasimar race. Maybe im getting thinks mixed up with real life theology and Neverwinter theology. I would really appreciate any answers to a few questions to help me fully understand the character i want to make.

First off, I dont completely understand the concept of "planetouched" I read the info and it said that Aasimar do not belong to the heavens or layonara... were they kicked out of heaven? I guess i dont understand how they are connected to the heavens and gods or celestial beings.

My second question is, If they have celestial ancestry.. do they still worship the dietys that other people worship in Layonara? I want to play a a paladin of toran but since aasimar are somehow related to the gods, does that make them one step ahead of the other toran followers so to speak?

Sorry if i sound dumb but im really interested in learning this so i could roleplay my character correctly.

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a celestrial is not a god, more of an angel really, so they are not related to the gods, but what planetouched means is that they are descended from an outsider, which means one of their ancesters are from a plane outside of Layonara, not that they are from outside layonara

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Often the bloodline is very very diluded, it could be 500 years since there was celestial blood introduced, what happens is occasionally, the blood becomes dominant and the child is born with celestial traits. The same parents could have another child and it not be planetouched.

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