Wanna make some gold?

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Joined: Oct 15 2004
Wanna make some gold?

*posted all over the tavern*

I Celgar Magnus am willing to pay a lot of money for Longbottem and other types of pipe weed.

Also my clumbsy golem smashed myy good pipe I am looking for an oak pipe.

bring me a box full of longbottem and/or better. i'll pay you an easy 700 gold. I have a massive craving for it.

As for an oak pipe I am willing to talk to you about prices.

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Joined: Feb 8 2005

Send me bird fer that pipe.



Joined: Oct 6 2004

*A muddy srcawl is penned at the bottom of a note*

I have half a pouch of pipe weed. I will keep my eyes open for more and contact you when I have a pouch full.


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Joined: Oct 8 2004

Ain dat creepy bugger dat wot talks ter imself pickin em piney buds? Tink dey call'm Vin, er Bin, Win er Frank soomthin'r other. -Bjorn

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