Travel Guide to Layonara

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Travel Guide to Layonara

Ive had this buzzing around in my head for some time now. Its based on those guides that world travellers can purchase before visiting a new country. I just wondered how usefull people would have found this when they first arrived in Hlint. Its not intended to be to specific, and hopefully will not discourage people from talking to others.

Comments and suggestions welcomed.

I had intended to attach a file to this post. However I have had difficulties uploading it, I believe due to it file size. When I can get a spot to store it, I will provide a link here to it.

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I would like to see one of those and it could be a part of the campaign handbook or if there is enough information it could be a seperate book all together.  Like you said though we need to be careful about how much is in the book as we want people to communicate in game.  However, if there are enough hooks in the book it could actually stimulate more conversations.

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