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Maps: Conveniently Zipped

For your downloading pleasure (so you dont have to open then save them all.)

Sorry if this is already up somewhere, but I don't think it is.

L had mentioned looking into options for printing the campaign handbook and selling it to benefit the server, I'd also suggest looking into the fesibility of printing oversized copies of these maps. Perhaps it could be done on a parchmenty looking paper and Rasterick could provide the maps without the parchement background for the printing (theres no point of printing a simulated parchmenty background on top of real fake parchementy paper hehe.) That way the printing would be B&W and thus cheaper. Perhaps only put the route planner in the printed handbook and have the other 9 printed seperately on larger paper and charge 3-6 bucks for each of them depending on size (the ones of the major continents are larger than the ones of the islands.) I'd buy them!

I remember when I bought a copy of the WWI flight sim "Red Baron" back in the day. It came with these large foldable fake-parchmenty maps of the front that you could use to navigate IG. I thought that was the coolest thing ever :)

(all credit for these maps goes to Rasterick)


P.S. I just realized the file is 6.5 megs. I guess if theres a desire for a download with all the maps it could be put on the downloads page... sorry to get your hopes up.

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"Parchmenty"--my word of the day.

"Here are the new sales figures, boss."

"What kind of paper is this?"

"It's that new 'parchmenty' kind, the Board will really love it."

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I like that word; parchmenty; acheived by a process of parchmentation. To parchmentate, to make parchmenty.

Great idea, let me know where and when you want them, and I will happily oblige.

Rasterick :)

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Good idea.  Send it to me Talan (since you already have it done) and I will have Klaatu put it on the download page.

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