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Maps and Deeds - Downloads

I am happy to annouce that we have two new optional downloads.  Thank you to everybody involved in these efforts, this truely show why this community so great!

[url='s_Maps.rar]Rasterick's_Maps.rar[/url] (5.39 MBytes - 9/9/2005) - This is an archive of all maps for Layonara. Download this and print your maps or store them on your computer for later reference.

 Deeds_Overview.rar (8.98 MBytes - 9/9/2005) - Layonara has a housing system that allows you to place furniture in the house itself. This program was written by a player in the community and will give you a look at all of the furniture that can be purchased and placed. See credits in the program itself for an up to date credit list. Just execute the program and it will be unrared in to a directory that you select.

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Nice Job! That deed tool is awesome.

The maps are also good.

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