The Dregar Series is back!

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The Dregar Series is back!

Check the calendar; Rhizome has brought it back, see you there! Woohoo!

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That is great to hear for everybody!

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I would so love to be a part of this series...:(

Unfortunately, 5:30 AM comes awfully early for me. hehe

Everyone have fun! Rhizome is such an awesome GM! (One of many many many..)

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Heh heh, Well ALLRIGHT! ;)

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I got 2 hours sleep after the massive Dregar session last night / this morning.

What an awesome time I had, I know I didnt follow along the entire story line, but it was still a great show, a huge challenge, some stellar scenery, and some very enexpected and amazing RP *winks to SilverManeDK*

Way to go all around Rhizome / Anansi !!!

Thanks for ressurecting this series!


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The character I brought on this almost drowned twice, and got wilted twice. His body is so confused now...

so... Yeah! Come to the dregar quests! Rhiz won't wilt you I promise! *shifty eyes*

Emotes on Rhiz's behalf: *Evil grin*

I'm she thats what he'd do if he were here.


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Good job Rhiz.

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*points to G's post*

I think I got a bit more sleep than him; otherwise, I agree fully. The scenery was outstanding. The breadth of the history given to the Anuroch desert was certainly impressive and it was a great group of characters.

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Hehe, i had alot of fun on that GM event. :) Very good RP, very nice people and very very well planned. I look forward to the next in the series already..

Even though it made Ly go back on her little talk she had earlier that day. *smiles* But all fun it was..

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I've been interested in exploring Dregar, but my impression is that characters below level 10 shouldn't even think about going there. Sure, a lot depends on the group one is with, what exactly you're doing (sight-seeing vs. kill on sight), and so forth. But realistically, would a lower level character be able to survive a single enemy area-effect spell or a couple hits from the local Dregarian populus?

Maybe I just need to fire up my invisibility and see for myself. But that only tells so much.

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