Housing Container System is not working

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GamemasterWriting Team Member
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Housing Container System is not working

This is a heads up that we are aware of a housing storage system issue (it is not working). Please do not put anything in to containers in any HOUSE. The banks are working just fine. Please spread the word.

We will get it resolved as soon as well can. Patience please. :)

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*notes it is no longer on top* *Cough*

Dispite my reservations against Bumping. This sort of warning warents it.

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Layonara AdministratorGamemasterKatianWriting Team Member
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Alright, due to so many people opening their crates and all of that being lost due to a bug we've had to revert our Bioware DBs.

Now this will affect people who placed things in their bank chests since the new version has been up and any changes to the bank crates will have been lost. We're sorry this has happened, but this is the best solution.

The following PCs if you have lost something from your Bank Chest, please let us know and we'll verify and replace.

Cymeran Vrinn

Rain Darsus

Tyrian Dallorius


Sh'anda Discore


Iago Fionne

Enzo Reynolt

Storold Doesscha


Malor Lucredious

Hupoar 'Goldbear'


Kyle Pandorn

Roldin Serim


Jilseponie Valhaikor


Amalric Gneiss

Earl Frogstomp


Ferrit Pandorn

Rollie Underheel

Jacob Patten


We do have the state of the bank chests backed up, so we can verify any claims.

Thank you and blame me for the problem.

GamemasterWriting Team Member
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Heh. No blame. :) It happens to the best of people. No biggy, we can figure this stuff out. Good community after all!

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I lost 3 items... see this link for info and a screenshot.


AeridiniteAngels Guild MemberKatianLucindite
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I lost only a panther leather armor, easily replaced. Don't worry about it.

Ferrit Pandorn

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So am I understanding right that chests can be used now? Everything has now reappeared in the chests I had stored in Pranzis

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I dont seem to ahve lost anything but i took them all out for precausion. You never know.

GamemasterWriting Team Member
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Yes, the housing container system is working again. You can use them at will now. Please help to spread the word.

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Just had a look and all Sh'andas stuff is in the bank chests. Everything would have been easily replaceable anyway.

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Angels Guild Member
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I had 10 Fine Alexandrite Gems in West and 2 Soul Stones on Central. No great loss. I can easily have those replaced.

~ Jil Valhaikor

Layonara AdministratorDruidFolianiteGamemasterLucinditeWriting Team MemberXeenite
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If I might make a suggestion....

If there are items you need replaced as a result of the bug yesterday, please do file a grievance for them and cite this thread. If there are things you lost but which do not require replacement, no further posting is needed.

I'd also request that all such requests for reimbursement be made by Monday Sept. 18th.

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