Deity Relationships and RP'ing them

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Deity Relationships and RP'ing them

Hi folks,

It has come to my attention that a particular individual or two are totally and absolutely ignoring deity relationships in RP. It has been stated "because I don't know" or "because the character does not know". When you are a follower of a deity (especially as a champion, paladin, or cleric) you do know and you know it very well. The church would ensure you know this until it was ground in to your head and that is a mere fact. To say my character does not know when you are a follower of those types is wrong and wrong in all sorts of levels, it is also not acceptable in any sort of way. Deities will strike back and they will ensure those that are close to them and that represent them do as they request and desire or they will not give them the powers that are prayed for, that is also a mere fact. When you are a close follower of a deity (of those types; champion, paladin, cleric) you can not claim you do not "know" because you do and you would via the church. It is hard to represent/show that in an online game environment and that is why we have so much on the site about this topic, but as a close follower of a diety you are to go by the relationships as they are defined and RP in that manner.

Please start playing deity relationships properly folks.

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As a small clarification!

What your character does know without exception, if being a divine follower, is the deity relationship table for your own deity. Your character might or might not know the relation against everyone in the party present...


This is the important part that divine followers should be aware of!

Even if your character doesn't know that his... erh... say... wife?... is a follower of an opposite deity, he might eventually be punished for that anyway. Probably as a warning first, but a punishment nonless!

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Gentle nudge of this post. It is an older one but very relevant to some issues happening around the server. Divinely inspired characters, please take a moment to review your deity's wishes as defined on LORE. Paladins read over your oaths. Clerics remind yourself where your Divine Relations Spell is stored. Champions... you get the idea...

Please do not forget that GMs must enforce these relationships and if we stumble over improperly played deity relationships we may have to enforce through various means such as temporary power restrictions and the like. We don't really want to be 'mean' but it is part of our job to support proper representation of the lore in world.



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An example of this may be anyone who feels their Cleric of Rofirein would fall in love with a follower of Ilsare because of their charming and wooing ways. This is entirely out of character for such a cleric whose diety and therefore their heirarchy would drum into their followers heads about the penalties of associating with such people.

Another example:
A party with a paladin in it decide to allow a Corathite mage to travel with them RPing that the Paladin does not know the person and therefore cannot know they are a Corathite. While the argument can be made you really need to ask yourself, is this one of those situations where we are splitting hairs? or skirting the edge of whats acceptable and whats not? A paladin in Layonara may not be able to detect evil without GM intervention but they would get a pretty bad feeling straight away about such a person and not want to associate with them if at all possible.

Another example:
A pyrtechonite, a Toranite, a 'secretive dark elf' and several null diety PC's go into a bar, sounds like the start of a bad joke doesnt it! Well, they sit and chat for hours having a lovely time and when quizzed on their odd assortment they ooc indicate that no one else was on the server so they just came together to RP. Sorry! the RP in this situation should most likely result in the Inn going up in flames and several people getting badly hurt!

Most of the time its common sense and if you are unsure it means you need to ask!

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