request passed by word of mouth.

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request passed by word of mouth.

Arthur traveled the wore roads stopping at the local taverns in each city and township he found himself in. Speaking to each keeper in turn he leaves a message.

M' Name is Arthur.. and I'm lookin' for a teacher of sorts, need to be learnin' how to cypher.. not scribe mind you none of the weaver in me.. If you be capable of teachin' me to cypher.. I can pay and 'rovide m' own materials.. granted the true wont be 'uch but its somethin'.. this is important to me so we can discuss terms. I already can read the cyphered word.. but I cannot cypher them m'self..

Leave a message with the keeper of the scamp in hempstead port. I will check it there oft enough.

Again names Arthur McStorm.

he turned and made his way back out on the road patrolling as always.

// this is a rp chance to make a few true and teach a PC how to write in game using the current scribing scripts etc through RP. serious individuals only willing to RP teaching how to actual write. thanks!

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*A message is left for Arthur McStorm with Salles, the REAL head honcho of the Scamp's mug. //;)//*

Arthur -

I'd be glad to help you, for whatever you're willing to part with. Literacy is one of the things I feel is vital to any and all in this age.

I can be reached easily by post or bird... Though I'm easy enough to find roaming about.

~ Pyyran Rahth

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