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Celebrating 15 years, of NWN and Layonara. Come have fun with our one time FFA EVENT!... weeks 2 days ago
Enhanced Persistent Mapping: via 39 weeks 5 days ago
Using the Spellbook Save and Restore System: via 40 weeks 1 day ago
New news!! Come chat with us! weeks 1 day ago
New Alternate Animations: via 40 weeks 1 day ago
RT : Websites down. Just making sure you're aware. — 1 year 37 weeks ago
General announcement of awesomeness. Check out who is a newly appointed GM!... year 46 weeks ago
Or it might be up sooner than that! 1 year 50 weeks ago
IRC server has had a problem. OneST8 is on it but stuck away at the day job for a bit. He said to look for... year 50 weeks ago
A quick note from the team: The event is live,... years 3 weeks ago
Don't forget the double up starts soon. Get on and get some RP going for a little extra reward. Hope your... years 3 weeks ago
Did everyone see this news? Make sure you don't miss out on the last of the double exp this week!... years 15 weeks ago
IRC has been up and running pretty well. Feel free to join us! If you're having any issues please feel free to let us know. — 2 years 32 weeks ago
Just a little bit more than 10 minutes before the IRC switch. Should be pretty fast and painless but we'll let you know! — 2 years 32 weeks ago
Greetings Layonarians! IRC is coming down for a big update and may not be connect-able for a little while (in... years 32 weeks ago
Hey all IRC user. We've got an extended delay happening, the fix inconvenienced by work duties etc. We'll let you... years 32 weeks ago
A little message from Milara for the citizens of Layonara...... years 34 weeks ago
Another update went in over the weekend. Take a peek (and thank your local Orth). years 45 weeks ago
Some fast news for you guys who might be wondering about getting IG... years 46 weeks ago
Alright everyone, we are back online! Please see above for the information about logging, temporary new log in... years 46 weeks ago