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Author Topic: Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue: Inner Workings  (Read 858 times)


Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue: Inner Workings
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(( This is intended for those who were involved in the discovery of the Conduit during the finale and/or the immediate lead-up to the finale. As such, the situations described below will not be common knowledge. ))The Conduit remains largely static from the time in which it was found until it is secured. The dissonant sound in the area persists, causing some people physical discomfort when exposed at close proximity for too long. The “holding tank” attached to the machine seems to slowly grow less full with each passing day. By the time the gnomes arrive, there is a noticeably less “energy” or whatever it is contained within.In the thick of battle, Milara was able to escape, leaving behind a force formidable enough to draw everyone's attention from his departure. In his wake, a small study containing a work desk and a broken portal are found. The desk contains something akin to a ledger, detailing a progression of “extractions” as well as an analysis of yield based on factors of race, gender and age (which produces no significant differences). On the first page of the ledger is a number written in the top right corner and circled. The number seems to correspond with the last line of the ledger, which together with the twenty-some lines prior, remain unfilled and presumably uncompleted. As a last point, the ledger is divided into sections. Each section seems to total up to about the same number of (presumably) people recorded, within 1-2 of the average except for the last, which is incomplete.The ruined portal is a mess, magically speaking, to anyone with the right sensitivities to magic. While it would take a directed examination of the remains to determine anything more, it is immediately clear that the portal that was here no longer functions.The contingent of gnomes, quite a few more than the few already met, arrive about a month later. They are pretty horrified and dismayed by the Conduit and in particular the fact that it was removed and placed into an “unsuitable” place and that the purity of its design and function were distorted and modified in such a way. Wasting little time, they begin to disconnect Milara's additions, though they take extreme care in doing so and make sure they understand exactly what was done so that it could be undone. As the first order of business, they are able to reverse the guide that feeds into the holding tank, thereby siphoning the stored energy/essence from the tank and back into the five nodes of the Conduit. “It may not last, but it may put the sacrifice of others to good use afterall,” says one of the gnomes. Acacea arrives not long after the gnomes in a manner that suggests that she is arriving exactly when she intended, and she is seemingly less horrified than the gnomes by a large amount.From there, the gnomes begin to meticulously disassemble the device. It is not a complete disassembly; the device is broken down only so far as needed to allow for easy transport. They work with a set of fantastic and complex tools that seem both newly fabricated and specifically made for this task. The gnomes from the secret temple seem to be directing the efforts and referencing an extensive set of plans. Despite its size, the pieces of the Conduit do not seem to be overly heavy or cumbersome. Even so, the workers treat each piece as though extremely fragile.To be continued...
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