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Author Topic: Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue, Part II  (Read 1136 times)


Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue, Part II
« on: August 28, 2015, 10:43:21 pm »
Days of work by the gnomes turns into weeks and more. Slowly but surely, the Conduit is separated from Milara's modifications and disassembled. It's parts are tagged, catalogued, cross-referenced and documented. New diagrams are drawn with very explicit illustrations and directions for reassembling this very special and intricate artifact. They answer very few questions about their work or the Conduit itself, and only those questions asked by those who solved the puzzles are given any consideration at all.During this same period, things are relatively quiet. No sight, sound nor event attributable to Milara is noted. No passages in this chamber or the caves that link to it lead anywhere into Milara's personal domain (though he most certainly claims the whole of the Mountains of Madness at a minimum). The giants themselves are patient with all the traffic through their caves. While there are some tense moments, they honor their part of the agreement and seem much more at ease when the adventurers and the troops at their disposal consistently honor the giants' requests as well. They eventually even prove useful in keeping the path back to Bloody Gate somewhat safe and secure without the need for a large presence of troops. A few times, the impaled head of a dark elf is presented as a show of continued good faith.About three weeks into the gnomes' effort, with still a fair amount to go, the leader Ehkaheic addresses Acacea with a request. “We think Milara brought this through the underground,” he says. “Safest and quickest way back may be through the same. We need scouts...and protection when it is time to move...and perhaps messengers.”In one particular shipment of supplies, a crate arrives containing a collection of shields and rods which are distributed to the adventurers who recovered the Conduit as a token of thanks. Each device bears clear signs of gnomish design and craftsmanship.


*Quenton could't help
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*Quenton could't help overhear Ehkaheic talking to Acacea and isn't even trying to hide his eavesdropping. Afterwards he aproaches Acacea*

I can scout with the best of em! Or be a messenger if need be!



*Zigruum  downs the last bit
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*Zigruum  downs the last bit of his thirtienth? dwarfs head ale and glares toward the elder gnome and Quenton*

Aye.  Oi be der wit ye when ye need te move dis ting.  Oi can kling to de cavern walls and blend in when needed but me eyes nae as gud as Quenton's.  De way of de deep may be quicker but as ye know it nae de safest.  Oi proud te be an escort for ye lot when de toime comes.  Jus' keep me ale tankerd filled.

*Zig offers a polite burp and sits back down rummaging for his pipe and druidic weed*



*Kurn eagerly looks over the
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*Kurn eagerly looks over the shield and rods.* 

Nice!  Though I be a two blader at heart, could always use a replacement fer me old shield.  What's rod do?  Blow stuff up?  Let's go blow somethin up!  Oi, Bumblefeet, come over here. I wanna try somethin..



*Bouncing around*I can do the
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*Bouncing around*

I can do the protectin', but my mouth keeps me from scoutin'!

*Looks through the items noting anything purple or other colors she likes, not really paying attention to the item itself*