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Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue, Part III


Another two months pass before the Conduit is fully disassembled and prepared for relocation. Near the end of this, scouting parties have found what is believed to be a passage through the Deep that will lead to Mistone and eventually the Hall of Seven, however, it is not without its perils, and such a large group passing through with the added load of the Conduit pieces would surely draw unwanted attention. In the interest of expediency, it is ultimately decided to take the Conduit overland to Anger Bay and from there to sail for the subterranean docks of the Ulgrids with the aid and capacity of the Toranite troop ships, and eventually traverse into the Deep for the last part of the journey.The Conduit is moved in five main efforts, each conveying the parts for one fifth of the Conduit, based on the notion that should any section be lost, it could be recreated using their plans and the others as a template. A key piece of each section of the Conduit is taken and moved through another means. The gnomes refuse to answer questions about these pieces or how they are moved, referring to them only as “essence” or “heart”, though there seems to be some disagreement among them as to the correct way to translate the specific word.The transportation of the Conduit back to the Hall of Seven is every bit as painstaking as its disassembly, yet the challenges along the way remain well within the abilities of those serving as scouts, protection or both. Every consideration is given to the safety of the pieces. Reassembly within the Hall begins as soon as the pieces begin arriving. After the better part of a year from the discovery of the Conduit, all pieces arrive safely within the Hall. All those who aided in its transport and protection are thanked, offered provisions and a time to rest, but they are asked to depart as soon as possible. “Our work...” they are told. “for reasons given by the gods themselves, must remain secret. The Five will soon be reborn to disappear among the peoples of this world. Remember all you have learned. Respect what you were told. When the skies change next, you will know the meaning.”


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