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Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue, Part IV


Time passes with most of the world being blissfully unaware of anything that happened in the Mountains of Madness or its significance. Across the world, Fastrot is considered to no longer be a danger, and quarantines are lifted. Leveraging rumors of some sort of confrontation or activity in Milara's domain, Rael declares Fastrot to have been the work of Milara himself, who sought to create a plague to afflict upon the people of the world. He further claims to have discovered its nature and was thus able to defend the residents of Rael against it most effectively, though he stops just short of taking credit for discovering a “cure”.Of note, a collection of similar stories begin to circulate through the world involving a confrontation between a dragon and the people of a town. The details vary depending on the teller and the region. Sometimes the village in question is nameless, or it is a small place on another continent. Sometimes the “hero” of the story is a farmer, a seamstress, a shopkeeper or a teenaged girl (though often braggards will insert themselves into the protagonist role). Sometimes the dragon is stunned, sometimes it is burned, shocked or otherwise sent away. In all cases, the dragon leaves and bothers the town no more.A full two years, give or take, from the recovery of the Conduit, the people of Layonara look up into the night sky to see another change. Of the seven deities who converged in the sky several years prior, all had returned to their usual places in the Heavens. There was no movement, no shifting and no warning. Simply, one night, they were back where they “should” be. Grannoch too and retaken her place. Only Toran, Rofirein and Pyrtechon remained displaced, but these only for a few additional nights. All was now as it was to be.


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