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Author Topic: Ancients Legacy -- Finale Preparation -- IMPORTANT  (Read 1245 times)


Ancients Legacy -- Finale Preparation -- IMPORTANT
« on: June 24, 2015, 10:01:38 pm »
All,As a reminder, the Ancients Legacy Plot Finale will happen on Saturday, July 11th, 2015. We are planning on a quest of about three (3) hours...ideally less than that...hopefully not much more.The last of the wrap-up RP from the prior quest session is concluded. We're now just over two weeks away from the Finale event itself, you have a goal (and if you don't have any idea what it is, ask someone), you have some idea what you might face (ditto), but if you do nothing to prepare before the quest (last minute investigations, following of clues/suggestions, seeking assistance, etc.), you will be at a significant disadvantage when the Finale starts.To that end, and because Rowana and I have a lot to do to prepare for this and little time to do it, please get all your requests, questions, desired actions and intentions to Rowana and I no later than Saturday, July 4, 2015 to ensure we have ample time to respond and address them. Any requests received after July 4th will be handled on an as-possible basis, and we cannot guarantee they will receive the necessary attention after this date. We will make every best effort to wrap up anything started prior to that date.In addition, at least one of us is generally on IRC throughout most of the day and evening, Central US time, so that is a viable option for asking us plot-related things. This also works well for brief interactions with NPCs.Simply put, that with which you collectively start the quest will have a direct impact on your chances of success.  If you wait until the day of the quest to rally support or figure out where you're going, you will eat into the time set aside for the quest, and your chances will be far less than if these things are at least initiated before the quest. Please plan accordingly.With that all said, our PM boxes are open!
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As the group return to the
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As the group return to the surface Foresta draws in the sandy earth with the help of some of natural objects in the vicinity, a rock here a twig there.

She explains " let me draw the obvious, see if we all agree on the detail and the questions, if not the answers. I will try to keep this to highlights but things that need agreed or disagreed if we are not to waste precious time later when we don't have the luxury."

We need to find the location? we have the fail safe for that, and we need nothing else.

Plenarius reaches Bloody Gate and asks for Dwarves and Rangers

We need to be quick and have the means of summoning the gnomes when we do..any plans?

We will likely meet Milara or his agents in the vicinity. any plans? 

(Don't attack Milara rely on something else - but nothing else has been put forward yet)

Acacea has collected some spells.

We have seen a lyre which details some history and some likely events.

Of the likely events, we meet in the chamber and 5 groups are required human gnome halfling Dwarf (Griff) and elf?

Complete the tasks, engage the failsafe and empower the 5 will provide a shield for the dragons. What detail do we need to know? prepare for?

the gnomes will help here 

The gods are shown preparing for this task. Do we need to replicate any of this before task ?


The gnomes also showed us some unresolved images on items so let me recap

the tiles showed a bridge, a firey mountain with either air or water about it....will we encounter this? do we need to do more now?

Pots of deliar and prunilla suggest other real pots will need something added. Do we know what can we find out?

a bronze shield depicts the creation of a defence against the dragons if the five complete the task. Does it mean anything more? do we need to do more about the shield?

a picture in stones depicts the process and in detail shows the ceremony cavern. Is this the chamber already found or a new one ? it shows the empowering of the five with both white and red light. Does it have any other purpose? can the cavern be identified by the picture? (the failsafe will guide us anyway but)

the picture is NOT clear enough to define the chamber. 

She adds a circle of mud and casually places a diamond in the dust there.."thats any other points, which can sometimes be important, right!"


I'd like people to agree or disagree, or expand on these points....Ill use this depiction in the ground here to change perception as people make points so we can at least put out here in the open the things we do agree on..or disagree....and try to set time precious tasks between now and well then."

//will update this entry as things go to try and keep it simple...simpler! so it may be useful to revisit this entry as it goes.





*Griff nods to Foresta*Ye
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2015, 10:23:40 am »

*Griff nods to Foresta*

Ye done good tah start deh talk'n.  Aye some wise points ye make n seems ye been listen'n.

Oi will stand for Dwarf.  Oi will beh the one of deh foive.  Step forward now n beh counted;  Weh need human, elf, halfer n gnome.  Weh may nay have toime tah recruit along deh way.

When weh ready tah step out der can beh no dilly dally.  Weh beh vigilant and take our task roite away.  We are valiant warriors and Vorax watch over our path.  Weh use deh failsafe tah foind deh Conduit.  Weh battle all dat stand n our path, be-it Milara or dragons.  When weh get tah deh Conduit weh know more, but sure nuff weh gona need tah foind dat crystal ting n have deh foive stand for deh gods tah annoint us n deh shield ceremony.

Deh keeper gnomes say tah call em, but did they give us a way?  Who has deh gnome-caller?

Aye weh take deh noite tah talk it n form our plan.  First loite weh set out with heavy foot and long stride.




Acacea greets the surface
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Acacea greets the surface with a heaved sigh and a faceplant into the snow, rolling around and sticking her tongue out as if tasting the air. After a moment of making a 'snow mage' she jumps back up as if only just then reached by the cold and shakes herself off vigorously, giving the snow the evil eye.

The journey upwards was filled with the disjointed observations and repetitive sounds of a scattered, agitated mind on little sleep. She pays no attention to niceties and does not acknowledge, or perhaps hear, discussions that do not interest her, occasionally interrupting words on the fate of the world to comment on the shade of a cloak or the sound of armor moving.

When some of the druid's words reach her, she blinks somewhat owlishly at the drawings, but appears to grow only more confused the more anyone speaks. Her head swivels to the dwarf when he volunteers, but her brow only creases further, fingers tugging at her ear. Her face changes abruptly and she bursts out laughing. Eeeewwww.

If asked or confronted, she only waves a hand and giggles with a wrinkled nose. I don't want to think about him breeding a host of baby dwarf generations all by his lonesome. Ick!

She is, however, eager to be gone once given the opportunity, and does not seem inclined to stay and rehash for any length of time before running back through the forest. Meep me when you have something interesting!



As Acacea runs off into the
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As Acacea runs off into the forest Foresta watches a moment and shrugs. Without another word she then bends down to her diaroma and removes a small bell from her collection of things and conceals it in a soft cloth and then buries the combination in the mud some way from the other things. She looks to the others questioningly.



*Zigruum appears from the
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*Zigruum appears from the snowy forest and approaches the group in his white polar leathers and waggles his staff as the halfling saunters off bells and keys chiming away*

Gud of ye te voulunteer for all dat breedin' kin

*He grins to Griff*

Aye Foresta der be some loose ends we may or may not be able te toigh up er'.  Oi wonder if dat conduit was dat ting in the ancients chamber dat was missin' from de crystal.  Oi'm tinkin' if it was den most loikely Milara has eht and he jus' waiting for us te bring him de missin' link.

*He guestures vaguely to the failsafe*

Nae know what ye all talkin' bout foirey mountains and such but dat sounds loike Milara's mount maybe.  And Oi tink we head directly te were dis ting *indicating the failsafe* points as de gnomes say we nae have much toime.

*He tries to make sense of Foresta's mud castle before she buries it and then looks to the others while eating some gnomish cheese leftovers*



Foresta nods at Zigruum in a
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Foresta nods at Zigruum in a wise fashion. "I am not sure what the image of the firey mountain and bridge means either....though both are images I associate with THAT Red Dragon.  I would also add that trying to muddle through a meeting with Milara might be a bit like trusting Shadon to pass you a sword and shield in a big fight. It may not be good enough! But thats what we might determine before following the jangling bells who have another agenda I fancy."



(( As a gentle reminder, the
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(( As a gentle reminder, the deadline for initiating pre-quest actions is in two days, and so far we only have received 1-1/2 requests for action...the half being kind of a placeholder. Anything started by July 4th will get priority attention, even if full handling goes past the 4th. Anything received after July 4th cannot be guaranteed to receive sufficient attention. Pre-request questions are welcome.  Carry on! ))



Foresta has a go at answering
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Foresta has a go at answering one of her own questions. "OKay look I don't know how we might thwart or defeat Milara should we meet him or his minions during the process. That's not a nice place to be going into this situation I would intend to contact the Sister in the woods and the Lucindites seeking both Milara's whereabouts and any ideas on things that might keep the balance in a contest of wills.



Foresta after some
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Foresta after some considerable time receives two messages within a few days of each other. Neither seem to ressure her and she stoically marches on formulating a plan over those days. The evening of the second message arriving she announces over dinner. "It would seem prudent if we cannot control the chances of a meeting with Milara that we consider an alternative strategy to fighting him." She says all this while eating and anyone trying to read what value she places in this rare release of her worldly wisdom is lost in the sound and sight of a spoonful  of  mushrooms dissappearing into her open mouth. "Going to be dark days ahead, dark days." she eventually adds.



Foresta pauses with the
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Foresta pauses with the morning sunrise to ask another question of the group. "We have Human, Halfling, Dwarf , oh the Dwarves are we sure we need them there?" she smiles and shrugs..."and Gnomes are promised if we message them - but are we covered for an Elf, I mean is there an Elf confirmed as bound for the failsafe chamber?" She looks around hopefully.



All,I know it's somewhat late
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I know it's somewhat late notice on this, but we had expected some contact aobut how to use the Failsafe (via post or PM to) locate the Conduit. As yet, this has not happened. What I cannot tell from above, besides the general intent to follow the Failsafe, is how this is being done, what efforts beyond watching a pointer that faced generally south from the Whitehorn are being made, if any. There's been plenty of discussion and speculation about what to do once you get there, but nothing about figuring out where "there" is.

Please take a moment to consider this and about being specific about the general plan to find the Conduit using the Failsafe. There are multiple ways this can be done. Some will take considerably longer than others. This is fairly important!

Remember, this is a group effort. We don't want the quest to rise and fall based on the presence or absence of a single person. This is in part why we have multiple people who carry the necessary 'spark' to use the Failsafe. Of the 15 or so participants in this quest, we currently have about three people working with us to influence the conditions and starting state of the next session.

Carry on...



*Zigruum takes a long swig
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*Zigruum takes a long swig from his ale and stares at the group*

We need te foind dis conduit roite soon.  Oi'd say we take floite and go as de crow floies.  Any er' wannna roide me dragon?

*He seems serious but grins at the females in the group and stares a bit too long*

*After some time he approaches the group trying to figure out who can take flight, who can take passengers, and who wants nothing to do with flying*

Aye otherwoise we jus' be walkin' and followin' dis darn ting *staring at the failsafe*



*Quenton listens to Zig and
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*Quenton listens to Zig and remarks:* I was just thinking the same thing! I mean it might be a long walk and all and how many mountains or swamps might be in the way of we just go straight. I can polymorph so I'm fine but I dun think I could carry anybody.

*holds his arms out to indicate his size as if you couldn't tell the halfling was just under three feet tall.*


//Also I see the thread Alatrial started and I will be on in a bit.



A much smaller dragon than
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A much smaller dragon than would be useful for transport. But one much less likely to be attacked by fearful field hands or mistrusting militia drops out of the trees ahead of the Dwarven march. The wyrmling is Foresta or perhaps Foresta is the wyrmling. But she shifts and is more presentable if somewhat worn out as she quickly gets to the point. 

"I have an idea to be travelling in the right direction at a speed worthy of the mission. Whether we fly or pass trees. We need a quick idea on where we are going. We need a good map a straight line and to be somewhere else. It would seem we have our first line from here..south! we can be in Center by portal or elsewhere by tree travel or flying. There at Cente ror wherever our second line on the map. It should be good enough to establish how far our journey is likely to be at which point we make the next stage of the plan with some realism. Am I shifting too fast for you here Zig?"



Aye we need to formulate a
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Aye we need to formulate a floite plan. *He grins at Foresta*  Oi nae that confident in de pointer jus so ye know.  But we follow loike bees te honey.  We may encounter resistance mid air jus' so ye know

*He flaps his arms like a dragon*



"Zig as maybe some thinking
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"Zig as maybe some thinking might reveal our exact target location, but drawing lines from two or more locations however inaccurate will give us a rough or even an exact point we are travelling towards and make the thinking clearer, so the quicker we get to those points to compare directions the better, thats why I'm thinking of a portal!"




Foresta will put out an
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Foresta will put out an informed warning to the Druid world along the branches of knowledge warning  of the state of play and the imprending troubles at Bloody gate and in particular to the two groves she has an interest in.