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*Quenton watches all of the
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*Quenton watches all of the actions and mostly just thinks to himself. After a bit he peeps up.*

Well I got nothing! *throws his hands in the air* It seems to me like he appeared outta thin air! I wonder if the others are having any luck finding his family?



She straightens to a sitting
« Reply #21 on: December 12, 2014, 01:49:44 pm »

She straightens to a sitting position when Zig is talking and is miraculously silent for a moment, staring at the ground when she does speak. Wild geese. So true. I can't think straight. We should have tied up someone who was in the room with him and drug them along.

She holds up a preemptive finger to Foresta, a little playfully. I am not saying "aha! Goose tracks! This must be him!" For all I know, dear leafy dwarf here is having one on at our expense to inform us seriously that this is a wild goose chase. Har! But saying that made me realize we have no idea what resources he started out with, he could have come from anywhere. When we left, I had not thought of him as starting out sound of mind or body. But if he was not teleported, but shapechanged or dominated or geased or... actually if it was the latter, maybe it was filled and that is why he fell apart. Maybe it held him together. Too many maybes, I could throw darts at a star map and make constellations, too...

She tugs at her ear, squinting an eye in the direction they've been going thus far. The reason I am so loathe to leave this one is the easy answer, it's the only one we got. People have only gone, no one has come back. Does that mean he was sent? What message did he have, no one gave anything but bits. I know we are chasing wildflowers in the sand, but I thought maybe this particular tree would give some indication of the shape of the forest, y'know? I think I am mixing my metaphors. This is why I hate metaphors, so snobbish about mingling.

Personally, wild goose chase or not, I hate leaving ends untended, especially when they're the only ones I've got, however long a shot it may be. This is the part where, in other times, I would have some clever idea or trick or a friend to leave doing this with a means to catch me if anything was found, but my friends have gone, I have no magic, and my sleeves are empty. She throws up her hands with a small smile, bells chiming. Someone else must come up with something most clever, so I can leave and take credit for their diligence, later.



Iri offers Zig two bottles of
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Iri offers Zig two bottles of something strong that might -- maybe, just barely, if the wind is very light and blows in just the right direction -- be detectable through the wax-sealed corks.

"This is good stuff! Drink it sitting down if you're feeling cowardly!"



*Zig frowns and raises his
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*Zig frowns and raises his brows to Iri's cowardly comment but takes the bottles anyways in an act of desperation.*

Dwarves nae cowardly lassy!

*He sniffs the cork intently before popping it off and taking a swig*

Now Oi can think strait.  Dis last me a few days maybe more.



"I know! Dwarves are
« Reply #24 on: December 13, 2014, 12:09:30 am »

"I know! Dwarves are great!"

She leans in to speak softer.

"I was just letting you know! If someone else gets a whiff of it and sees you sitting down for a swig, they might accuse you of having an elf for a grandfather! Or worse -- both grandfathers! We can't let that happen!"



Acacea rummages around in her
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Acacea rummages around in her sleeve to find a drink of her own, and after working on it a bit she finally hops to her feet in a clatter of keys and bells. Welp, I suppose there is nothing I me myself can do here, since I cannot fly or scry or sniff or talk to trees! She looks around, scratching her head a bit. Er... which way is it to... ah, well, anything? She giggles quietly...



Continued investigations in
« Reply #26 on: December 16, 2014, 09:42:19 am »

Continued investigations in the area yield no tangible results.  A passing encounter with some dwarves leaving a mining cave yielded no information related to the now-deceased Era. Before you all give up and leave, a Druid and resident of the Taur'en Hills finds you and does indicate that he saw the elf pass through months ago. While he is able to take you a little farther east of your present location along the path the elf took, it is still impossible to pick up the remains of his aging trail.  The only other information the druid can give about the elf is that he seemed troubled in some way, both physically (in how Era moved) and emotionally (based on general behavior). With nothing else to offer, he does give directions for those who need it back toward civilization.

// OK, so unless anyone has a specific line of action to take here, we can wrap up this thread.  If we have missed something, please re-post or PM us.