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Author Topic: Digging for Answers or Another Brick in the Wall  (Read 673 times)


Digging for Answers or Another Brick in the Wall
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"And so he's sitting there at the table," he said, clearly bemused, "Talking about this ancient wall he found. He said it's up in the mountains and was trying to see who wanted to come look at it with him."" An 'ancient wall'?" the halfling woman asked, curious."Aye," the man answered. He took a long swallow from his tea. "It certainly was curious! I mean he makes a real sell with the supposed partial carvings of the four deities. Deliar is among these so I cannot help but be curious.""Are you thinking of going?" she asked. "I am, but I don't know if I'd have time," he answered, somewhat disappointed with the admission. "I cannot miss my window of opportunity in Fort Vehl. You know how it is there...." She nodded and tugged at her lower lip briefly. "If I didn't have this full load of textiles...""Well maybe put the word out?" she suggests hopefully, "With all that's going on, some answers certainly wouldn't hurt return everything to something more normal." She shook her head, "If that 'soothesayer' comes out to the fields again to preach at us about 'end of the world as we know it,' I think I'm going to lose my mind. Doesn't he have to prepare for winter like the rest of us?" She makes a disgusted sound but then shrugs. He snorted in reply. "Some of these people," he said in agreement with her sentiment, "No sense in them. If we go to pieces after every 'major happening' how in Layonara would we ever recover from the real tragedies?" He laughed a little. "Yes, I think I might pass this along on my route. I wasn't the only traveler in the bar tht night. Some people were far more taken in too. You know, what with the way people are reacting to the star movements and all." She nodded soberly. "Until He tells me otherwise, I have a schedule to keep!" he says dramatically, stabbing one stubby finger in the air. She laughed then laid her head down on his shoulder. "Well either way," she says, "I'm glad it was an interesting evening and you kept your sense and came home to me instead." He grinned at her."Like there's any contest.""Lay it on thick," she snorted and then laughed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Some days later, at the sensible advice from his wife, the halfling trader was in the bar along his route sharing the story of the gnome he met in Brenuth. Good food and ale in his belly to warm him, he shares the tale again and again of the mysterious artifact from another era, supposedly carrying the marks of four of The Seven, including his own Deliar.


//Hey guys...I'm running on a
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//Hey guys...I'm running on a wireless hotspot since my internet is down. Will not be on quest today until we get fixed. I will keep up on the forums until we are fixed.

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//Should be able to jump on today for a bit, but I'll probably have to leave early; hoping to stay on for an hour or so




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//Unfortunately the same situation as me bro