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Author Topic: From Failsafe to Conduit  (Read 674 times)


From Failsafe to Conduit
« on: July 10, 2015, 02:20:07 pm »
Messages are sent out to those adventurers known to have been traveling alongside the Failsafe and especially those who have been known able to use it to please meet in Fort Llast to discuss their next move and how to use the Failsafe. //I'm sorry this is so last minute, but I can get in game tonight with Daniella if anyone can come on and meet with me.  I will award WL xp to those able to show up for plot-related rp.  Thank you.  I will be on at 9pm EDT unless people are able to get on earlier and need me to log in sooner.
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*Zig hears the call and makes
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*Zig hears the call and makes way for the place allocated*

//Will try to make it!



Plenarius walks into an inn
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Plenarius walks into an inn with a stack of parchment and some tacks then looks at the message on the board.

"Well that's convenient!" he remarks as he looks down at his own message calling for folks to congregate. "Llast then eh?"



Can someone update a result
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Can someone update a result of the meeting pre game - I will add any content to the finale thread or someone could update the questions/considerations that were laid out there.

thanks Mixafix