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Hunting Milara
« on: July 12, 2015, 03:38:10 pm »
While dealing with the Conduit and securing the area, Commander Stormhaven checks to see if anyone can trace where Milara may have gone through the collapsed portal in his study by way of magical traces.  She dispatches a group of the Shining Hand to clean out any remaining undead or pit kind in the area as well as search for any clues to where Milara may have fled."Milara's gotten too comfortable.  I don't care how powerful people say he is, I want him brought to justice.  It's well past time."
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"I am no expert in the
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"I am no expert in the Al'Noth, portals especially,  but for this cause, I shall risk it, Commander."  Daniel will make an attempt to study the portal. // for skills/lvls.

"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


Aye, the bugger ran down this
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Aye, the bugger ran down this hallway here to the right of the Conduit.  I believe it leads to the study we found.  Now he might have used his own teleportation tome ability if he's a book mage, which likely he is, so there might not be a permanent portal back here.  Can't hurt to check though, and to dig for any clues we might find through all these books and notes.  If the magic trail's cold, we may need to trace the information instead.  If your teams scouring the area find any dark elf accomplices, try to take them alive for questioning.  If all those leads run cold, I know of one fellah who might be keepin tabs on his old war buddy.  Rael.  Of course dealing with that one ain't a very appetizing option. *Kurn mutters while showing them the room where Milara fled to*



You can bet the magic trail
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You can bet the magic trail will go cold. Milara's not one to leave such a trail. And as for taking his minions alive...think they'd rather die than rat out their boss. Anyway...we should gather up as much info from here as we can so we can make an educated guess as to what he may try next. And that may not be in the near future I would imagine.


Dorax Windsmith

Count mes in, Grog likes bug
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Count mes in, Grog likes bug hunt....Dark One not free to hunt us down laters if wes keep on hims now.



*Comes out from the area from
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*Comes out from the area from where the poral was located holding her head with both hands, which are held at different angles. She occasionally lets go of her head to shake her arms out and then returns her hands to hold her head*

WOW, what a stinker!

I tried to figure out the portal destination, construction, and what not when I triggered a magical trap, which did reset itself after it got me. So be careful of that. As we all thought, its pretty complicated. It was, however,  a fully constructed portal, ritual and all, cause, well, there are remains of the ritual artifacts all over the room. Kinda a give away there. *nods* Yep. But, given that it was a ritually constructed portal, it definitely went to some location here on Layonara...other than that, not certain, but..*shrugs in an odd manner while still holding her head*

On a chipper side of things, I know that someone who is more versed in portals, conjuration, and what not will be able to find out more information. Down side of the chipper side, is findin' the person.

So...with that, its time for some tea *nods* gotta have some.

*Just stands where she stopped when she came from the portal area making funny faces and squinching her eyes tightly*




Daniella listens to the
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Daniella listens to the assessments from Charm and nods.  "Thank you.  We'll find him one way or another."  She acknowledges the support from the others as well and thanks those who attempted to help.



*Griff nods as the
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*Griff nods as the conversation revolves around finding Milara* Les jus go knock on his front door.  Ye folks ready for a house-warm'n party?



I LOVE house waming parties!!
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I LOVE house waming parties!! I'll bring some pie and a stock of juices. For a gift, I'll bring a nice decoration for his foyer! Maybe a nice antler chandelier with different color candles. Who wouldn't like that? Huh?



"It is still considered house
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"It is still considered house warming to paint his walls with his own blood?"  She looks at Charm, curious for her interpretation.



Halloooo! What's the chant?
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Halloooo! What's the chant? calls a familiar halfling, tromping into the area not long after the gnomes arrive. I've brought the celebratory drinks! It is celabratory, isn't it? I've also brought the End of the World selection, just in case. I'd apologize for being late to the party, but let's face it, I only just arrived so clearly it's just started, hey? She winks at Daniel Benjamin while speaking, then brightens at some thought and runs to offer drinks to working gnomes as if exploring some amusing possibilities.

When she returns, asking what happened where and to whom, she hardly waits for answers, poking all about into things in midsentence. I bet Charm's version is best! Although, now that I think it, it might not need a lot of help...

((Sorry for lateness!))



Daniel eyes Charm for a time
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Daniel eyes Charm for a time before speaking, "You are not injured are you?  Your eyes seem a little squinty, more so than usual at least."


"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


*Checks herself out, patting
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*Checks herself out, patting here and there checking for sore spots or blood.*

Nope! No injuries! All good here *cheerful grin*

My eyes probly just look like this because of either a past nap or a pending, soon-to-be nap. *nods* yep.

But I gotta go look for some antlers!



"Well, that is good then,
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"Well, that is good then, Miss Charm."  A somewhat dubious expression on his face, Daniel pats her shoulder once. "If you do require a curative, do not wait overly long to ask.  There was one halfling who did so and well..I never did see that one again." He finishes deadpan.


"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde