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OOC: On actions and responses


All,Just so everyone understands, we will be responding to actions and inquiries in an order that makse sense based on location, action taken, destination, etc.What this means is that somone making inquiries or investigating things local to where they are presently located will get a response quicker than someone who decides to travel for weeks or months for their actions/investigations.  In some cases, this may mean that world events happen before players get a response on something they started before said event.  Including your character's location and intended means of travel will help greatly in helping us to keep everything straight. Otherwise, we'll probably make assumptions that may or may not favor your character. This is simply an attempt to keep time in a straight line as much as possible.In some cases, there will be a series of events stacked on top of each other, relatively speaking. In other cases, the events will be spread out more. It is the former case where we will do most of our selective ordering in how and when we respond.I wanted to put this out there for everyone to understand our methods. We know some of you compare notes OOCly, and this is fine of course, but we didn't want anyone to feel marginalized or a victim of favoritism (or its opposite) when someone gets a response before someone else.  There is a method to our madness, so please try and keep this in mind as we try and get back to everyone in the most appropriate way.


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