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Author Topic: OOC: Plot GMs, Contacts and Information  (Read 625 times)


OOC: Plot GMs, Contacts and Information
« on: October 03, 2014, 05:29:03 pm »
All,For the purposes of the main plot events, the responsible GMs are myself (Dorganath) and Rowana. We are co-running this plot and coordinating all events within.  We are also having a few GMs help out with various events here and there.When it comes to overall plot-related actions and inquiries and a PM is appropriate, please direct those to Dorganath and Rowana. If you forget and only send to one of us, it's no big deal as we're sharing all infomation and inquiries between us.When it comes to questions and clarifications on events that are handled by one of the other GMs, please direct your questions to them first.Of course, posting on the Ancients Legacy forum is equally appropriate and the applicable GM will respond in whatever way is appropriate. Please note that plot-related posts made elsewhere may not get the attention it deserves.If there are any questions about this, please ask below.