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All Across Mistone......
« on: January 24, 2015, 01:11:27 am »

Reports begin to stagger in across Mistone of small ground tremors. Being unusual in most places, officials are scratching their heads. None of the tremors have caused damage or injuries but as they continue (a minor quake or two every few hours somewhere on the continent) people begin to worry about what this might mean.

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Citizens throughout parts of
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Citizens throughout parts of Brelin and Co'rys are rattled by a large quake as they are closing up their chores for the day. Not completely unfamiliar with quakes in the area, nothing this big has been experienced for decades. Places like Ridgecrest and Vandery report some damages and injuries though no deaths or complete reduction of any location (farm, town, market, etc).

The quake is felt all the way into southern Trelania and near the northern border of Ulgrids leaving many to wonder what in Layonara is going on?

As a few days pass some ships bring in news that the quakes have spread out to some of the middle isles, though again nothing too distressing. The odd happenings leaves people... rattled and questioning.