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Report from the Wolfswood Ranger Corps
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*Rangers from the Wolfswood posts informational notices near other informational bulletins in various towns and gathering spots. Also, to anyone that inquire about events occurring in the forest, this same information is passed on verbally as every ranger has been briefed and watching for it.*Reports from the Field Rangers:1) Rangers have found several strange "corpses" within the forest. The “corpses” are described as “…all the clothing from the individual seems to be intact and arranged on the forest floor as if a person had simply fallen there.” Closer examination has even revealed that there is not even a single bone remaining. These “corpses”, especially the most recent ones, radiate a foul odor.2) One report details about a Ranger who followed a person, believed to be human male, who was passing through the forest “oddly”.  The individual was apparently moving heedlessly of any trails, paths or roads, but instead, did his best to continue in a specific direction and at a near constant pace.Report continues that even would-be predators seemed to show no interest in stalking the lone individual despite having sniffed his trail.  A couple days after first observing this strange traveler and tailing him at a discrete distance, the Ranger reported that the individual suddenly collapsed and didn't move further. The Ranger lost sight of the traveler and set out to find him again.  Mirroring other reports, what the Ranger found was a somewhat neat collection of wet clothing, arranged as a fallen man, and a horrible smell unlike the scent of any scene of death yet witnessed.

The rangers of the Wolfswood Ranger Corps are being briefed daily on recent events, remain on vigilent watches, and fully support the efforts to solve this mystery.