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Ships in the Night
« on: October 12, 2014, 10:49:35 pm »
When Shindaleria's stars first moved months ago, shipping traffic all across Layonara ground nearly to a complete halt. Between supersition inherent in many who make a living on the seas and the distruption of their usual navigation aids, most captains became unwilling to brave the open waters and cross the oceans between continents, opting instead to stick with costal runs if they even left port at all.  Only the most experienced captains...those who knew other ways of navigating besides relying upon the stars of the gods...would brave the high seas.  Fortunately for them, the need of their services grew quickly, as did the price merchants and traders were willing to pay to have their goods shipped over those distances. For those who adapted quickly, the last several months have been very profitable indeed.Yet this boon was relatively short-lived, as gradually captains and crews adapted to this new normal, slowly put aside their supersitions as ocean-going ships returned to port safe, sound and loaded with cargo from distant ports, and learned other ways to use the skies to find their way at night.  Now, a few months after the last of the star movements settled into place, there is almost no sign there was any impact at all.But for the new arrangment of the skies, life at sea has returned to normal.
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*Finally able to get passage
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*Finally able to get passage to Fort of Kings...Kyle leaves Ferrit asleep in their cabin and goes up on deck. The night air was cool and the on duty crew that night were busy with their work to notice. Just a few months before none of them would even have dared to venture more than a few miles away from the Mistone coast. He looks up at the sky at the "Circle of Seven" as the deckhands have started to call it. A thought of doubt crosses his face.*

"Is it really a bad thing this happening, I wonder? It has a...pleasing symmetry to it. Ilsare would appreciate it."

*A deckhand comes up to him and taps his shoulder. Kyle looks to the man.*

"I'm sorry sir, but the captain wishes to inform you we will be stopping at Fort Vehl first. Picking up supplies and cargo bound for Fort of Kings. He apologizes for the delay and promises it won't take more than a couple of days."

"Very well. We've been trying to get there for a few months...few more days won't matter."

*A rogue breeze blows on deck as the deckhand Kyle a chill down his back and he returns to Ferrit below...*

//Hope you don't mind me naming the formation. Think it would make it easier to write about. :)

Edit: Changing destination to match the quest start area



// Players are free to name
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// Players are free to name or label things as seems appropriate in the absence of such from us