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Stirrings in the Night Sky...

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Foresta remains proactively passive; seeking answers from nature's changes, clues from passing wildlife. She draws information from passing travellers too. One such encounter sticks in her mind, a Rofie Priest, Daniel Poetr, praying devoutly seeking understanding from a god and clergy that remain silent, significant I'm not so certain either way. He was out in the desert scraping a huge collection of fine sand. It is a fine thing if our finest minds have been reduced to reading the signs in the sands! I must do more, I think I am almost certain it is time to visit the forbidden Islands. There where the movements of the gods were once interpreted. Maybe there under the stars there may be enlightenment, or not oh I'm not sure if the time is right yet.

As soon as the meeting in Stormcrest Crossing was over, Katelyn headed for Fort Vehl.  For adequate coin, she was sure she could get a boat from there to Mariners Hold.  After all, anything can be had in Vehl for the right price.  Plus, she could promise Deliar's luck to the crew.  Once in Mariners Hold, she'd use the same techniques to hire a coastal vessel to Lan's Port.  Her plan was to consult the scholars and navigators who manned the telescope on the high cliff there.  Surely one or more of them would know if there was any significance to the location of the new star dance in the sky.  What had been there before?  What had been near?  What was under it -- water, or land and if so, what land?  Did it move at all?

/// All of those travelling to test Andrew's theory, please send me a PM that includes the location to which you travel and the means of travel. Thanks! That way we can get you appropriately timed answers. That said, don't hesitate to also continue to use this thread and other IC threads in the Ancients Legacy forum to express IC actions and ideas. ///

*Letter To Andrew delivered by those amazing messenger birds*Dear friend Andrew..Missed you at Stormcrest. I was at the Deliar temple in Port Hempstead which took many hours just to see the priestess there. Not my original destination...but not giving up.The Deliarites are generally happy that Deliar and Prunilla "Dance together" as they put it and to them it seems Deliar is pleased with his faithful. That's all they told me about the stars.Ferrit and I are trying to get to Erylin to see the Shindelarians. Difficult...since the ships here are reluctant to leave port. Unless you have a different plan...that's where we are going. We will get together soon.May the Muse inspire you,Kyle//PM coming soon

A tiny brownie in a red dress looks out the window from the kitchen amidst the smell of  roasted venison and baked pies with a worried look.  Considering the implications of Prunilla's Constellation wandering away from Deliar's in the sky, she contemplates the implications of how this might might affect their happy marriage.  She says a silent prayer over a tray of cooling cupcakes for them to resolve their issues and rekindle their relationship before serving her delicious delicacies to the hungry people of the taverns and needy homeless people in the streets outside.


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