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On his now-nightly looking
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On his now-nightly looking up, the bard watches as his Lady's enemy moves dead center. His sketch is hastily updated along with notes.

Smithing, tools, invention, magic, family and food, money and trade, healing and wisdom...are they giving birth up there? A new race, a new god or goddess? All the keys to decency reside in the dieties circling the book.

He must find a bigger telescope.



*In the night's light a huge
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*In the night's light a huge bear sits atop a lonely hill somewhere in the Great Forest.  The bear's shaggy and grizzled fur sheenes and shimmers refecting off the evenings' glow.  Strangely the bear seems to be looking up, gazing even, as Aragen's Book eventually assumes its place in the middle of the newly formed star formation.  Just then, a haggered looking old wolf appears from the tree line and sits along side the bear.  The bear turns to the wolf and paws the top of the wolf's  head like they've been long friends. 

After the bear and the wolf sit for a while in silence the bear's form  reduces to a stout whitehaired dwarf.  Zigruum looks at the wolf while rubbing its kneck.*

What ye tink' of all dis Blizzard?  *The wolf looks up briefly and howls at the moons and the new star formation.*  "Aye, Oi tink Oi bes' head for de woodland realm and foind some balance on dis ting in de sky."

*With that the wolf runs off back into the trees and the druid dwarf wanders slowly after it until he stands near a very large and old hickory tree.  He puts his hand on the tree almost in prayer and vanishes inside.*

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At the first change in the
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At the first change in the stars Foresta Fiveoaks looked skyward stoically unmoved to action. Watchful concern might be a better description, though whether she would commit to it was in the balance. Wasn't everything. She abandoned her course of travel a month later, no longer committed to that journey, she ran four legged and fast for Spellgard. There to listen, to soak up the mood, gather the sense on the ground. But later with the final star change she was herself changing; flying fast to Center there to watch the adventurers fire, gather their knowledge, track their movement. Only a silent mute monk passed by; not the most informative individual all things considered.

She noted knowledge was not the calling star, but arrived last, circled by the adventuring stars already in place. She chuckled at that, I mean the world revolved around the balance of neutrality, of sense of nature, why not the stars. Life was all about circles was it not.

With few adventurers called to the long burning fire at center she flew skyward hoping nature's flyers would have news. First to flight from danger they would know, surely.

She considered a long journey to the Oak, but what would they say so early in the day. She remained uncommitted to such a positive action, and waited, listening, sensing,  and wondering.



As Daniel putters around
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As Daniel putters around Wayfare, he hears the gossip of the villagers and grows concerned.  Checking some internal barometer, he goes looking for his long mothballed shield and armor.

"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


No. No, it's not a birth of a
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No. No, it's not a birth of a race. They'd need Ilsare for that, for what is a birth without love and song? What is life without inspiration and imagination? 

But they have tools, and magic, and knowledge, and inspiration of Goran's kind. They're building something. Maybe it's creation, but not on the scale he first imagined. And we're supposed to notice - they're gods, after all. They could do it on the sly and never the species world-bound shall know, but no. Constellations moving, circling, and in general acting as if they're at a circle dance...

...come to think of it, that's quite how it unfolded. Almost a bransles; males and females represented, although not arranged male-female-male-female. He's being silly, of course, but now the visions of god and goddesses dancing won't leave his head. He strums out the rhythm for Washerwoman's Bransle, da-da-da-da-daa-daa-daaa, da-dadada-daa, in four-four time. Oh, Ilsare, why didn't you join? You'd have had them all whirling to your Heartsong.

No. Building, that makes more sense. Is this time significant? Is there something that is supposed to happen, or are they making it up as they go along? Prophecies abound, but separating the notes from the noise is tedious. And might require Aragen's library, a logic place to start but no place for a cleric of Ilsare.

Then there's the unrest. Reaching his ears at the Buckle are reports of those opportunists and fanatics who read the portents for their personal gain or pet beliefs. That's going to be a real problem if it's not checked, and so soon after famine and war. It must be stopped. It must be stopped with truth, not with more rhetoric.

Bugger. This isn't something to be gone alone. Letters must be written, for if he knows his friends, they've all scattered to libraries and temples world-wide to do their own discoveries. This calls for a meeting of minds. It's time to break out ink and quill, and a good cigar or two because this will take a while.

Dear Steel (Daniel, Charlie, Minu, Cord, Rodlin, Foresta, Storold, Kyle, Ferrit, Kat, Jennara, Iri, Commander Stormhaven, Rose, Niamh, Tyra, Griff, Zig, Ryubi, Corky, Raz, Commander Lance, Cupcake, Fleur, Connor, Anna, Jilseponie, Melody, Jetta, Emwonk, Argali, Rasa, Tori, Magnus, Quenton, Charm, Hardragh, Ami, Gork, Jaelle, add your name here except for Stygian whom Andrew doesn't like and wouldn't even think to ask):

I have no doubt you've noticed the stirrings in the sky. I also have no doubt that you've done some inquiry, as we can't seem to resist it, can we? I suggest as many of us as can or are interested meet to discuss our findings. Who knows - it might be occasion for a party!

I'll suggest Stormcrest as I've seen many of us there recently. The Center fire is too well known, on the off chance that there is danger in these stellar movements.

Hope to see you there soon, and may you be guided by love and inspiration.


//using twidget's already posted current events time of ten eastern at Stormcrest, we should start meeting on this. Can use this thread for additional in-char discussion for those who can't meet in game.



*Kyle keeps staring up at
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*Kyle keeps staring up at Ilsare's Heart wondering if she will join the circle. Seeing Aerdin in the center gives him an idea. He heads towards the Deliar temple in the market building. He turns to Ferrit (if she has found him by now).*

"There has got to be a reason why Aerdin...blast in the middle. Maybe the clerics of Deliar can tell us. Deliar is one of the six and an ally of the Heartsong."

//PM coming

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Some days after Daniel rides
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Some days after Daniel rides out of Mariners Hold for Bydell Castle and the Aragenite library it holds.  Upon arrival he makes it known he wishes to speak to a librarian about the happenings in the night sky and also if the Aragenites can tell him of any special dates that may be coming up in their vocational calenders. (Holy days for Aragen, or special rememberances, etc).  He willing to hear even conjecture from an Aragenite on the matter as the previous discussions he heard around the fire ranged from the Gods making something, to mass weddings, to even blaming Aragen for some misdeed. 


Some months later a letter arrives at the Angels Guild Hall in Hempstead addressed to Kyle and Ferrit


I have been at Bydell Castle for over a week and I have little to report other than a new zeal on the part of the scholars here in studying this matter.  I will be staying another month at least and report back again.

Yours in the Dragon,


"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


He sees his son. Finally. And
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He sees his son. Finally. And Ty is looking for him - a number of people are converging on Stormcrest, his son says, and he's expected. Well, he didn't cramp his hands for nothing after all. Indulging in loving parental interrogation of his offspring and a hug that makes him as happy as he's been in years, he is on his way to the Crossroads.

They are there - the bard's heart leaps to see his old friend Daniel, and the embrace he recieves nearly crushes his ribs. More joy. Rose appears in good health, if distant. The glow of her skin and the clearness of her eyes is a relief. Kat is there, and Tori - his new head of security - and Iri, Quenton, Rodlin, the elf Glitch. And, most importantly, his Minu. Just sitting with her brings him peace.

The stars are discussed. They run through ideas from probable to outright nuts. He wonders if there are any events that mark this time, either predictions from the past or anniversaries of events. Daniel, willing to enter Bydell's library which is Aragen's stronghold, heads off to investigate. The idea that there might have been something in that spot in the sky previously is also raised, and Kat agrees to check into that as much as she can.

It strikes him that the stars don't move - which means they must be moving with that location, to stay stationary there all night and presumably all day. It also means that they may be no longer visible to parts of the world. Iri points out that they might be visible when it's night on the other side. Are they? Tori and Iri will check - he'll know soon enough if the constellations move to the other side of the world and what locations close to portals can see them. With that information, they may be able to triangulate the location the spot hovers over, if the constellations are indeed fixed.

After war and famine and Freedom and moths, he feels a shiver of excitement. Either he's insane, or he's actually having fun.

Best not to ask the wife which it is. He's pretty sure he knows the answer already. 



"If you need help, let me
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"If you need help, let me know," Rodlin had said. "He thinks I can't cover it!" scoffed Iri. Tori looked down and realized the halfling had appeared beside her while she was putting the map away. She raised her eyebrows. "You invited? Pfft."

"Yes!" exclaimed the noisemaker. "You might need a reader!"

Tori opened her mouth, then closed it, grunting in response. "Heh. Yea. A'right." "Or an axe!"

Once she'd packed the maps and divided the traveling/bribe money between them and different purses, they took the easiest route first. Dalanthar, from the Shack, was mere steps away, and they arrived with some time to scout out a good location to observe the skies from and mark the maps. If the constellations are now fixed, where are they when seen from Dregar? The differences are recorded against the rough 'gazer maps from Alindor and Mistone, and their own memories.

Another few steps away, back to the Shack. This was the hard part, if time was a factor. Belinara could be reached in a short time, but it could be dangerous and longer to return once there. They'd marked two way portals on the maps, but each had more travel time.

They marked the lines on the map and looked at each other. Technically, the islands were roughly in line from Dregar. Though it had a two-way portal, it would be better to grab another area... they marked another portal and started the journey to Blackford, banking on the idea that if one could see Voltrex's stars from the large area granted the Great Library, they'd cover another angle altogether... and if not, could ask, as well as check Andrew's library requests at the same time. Prophecies? Previous star movements? Great Library.

"Best employees ever!" "Eh."

If time remained after the journey to Blackford, they could always try for another - but best to get the vastly different areas of the map covered, first.



Foresta travels south from
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Foresta travels south from Center in various flying forms always seeking news from other flyers that might be relevant. Such an encounter led her to follow two would be adventuring types to a wizards tower by the Thorn River. (Grogmegor and Sahala)  She took an appropriate form of Dark Elf and joined the exploration. This may turn out to be the first real clue she has since concluded. Their journey into a Library there, almost as vast as the famous Great library, was avidly defended by all manner of traps and animated books. learning anything was made most difficult and it was undoubtedly designed to prevent those seeking knowledge and enlightenment. Eventually they found a Druid like staff which Grogmegor (or mes' as he liked to be called !) retained. Foresta was hardly surprised that all this attention by the stars of Dieties should revolve around something Druidic and assumes they have found a serious clue. maybe the only one so far. She apologieses for not making the meeting set by the bard but as you can see now she has a good excuse and hopes that the bard will report on that meeting later. (time for these are way too late for me I'm afraid)



Foresta remains proactively
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Foresta remains proactively passive; seeking answers from nature's changes, clues from passing wildlife. She draws information from passing travellers too. One such encounter sticks in her mind, a Rofie Priest, Daniel Poetr, praying devoutly seeking understanding from a god and clergy that remain silent, significant I'm not so certain either way. He was out in the desert scraping a huge collection of fine sand. It is a fine thing if our finest minds have been reduced to reading the signs in the sands! I must do more, I think I am almost certain it is time to visit the forbidden Islands. There where the movements of the gods were once interpreted. Maybe there under the stars there may be enlightenment, or not oh I'm not sure if the time is right yet.



As soon as the meeting in
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As soon as the meeting in Stormcrest Crossing was over, Katelyn headed for Fort Vehl.  For adequate coin, she was sure she could get a boat from there to Mariners Hold.  After all, anything can be had in Vehl for the right price.  Plus, she could promise Deliar's luck to the crew.  Once in Mariners Hold, she'd use the same techniques to hire a coastal vessel to Lan's Port.  Her plan was to consult the scholars and navigators who manned the telescope on the high cliff there.  Surely one or more of them would know if there was any significance to the location of the new star dance in the sky.  What had been there before?  What had been near?  What was under it -- water, or land and if so, what land?  Did it move at all?



/// All of those travelling
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/// All of those travelling to test Andrew's theory, please send me a PM that includes the location to which you travel and the means of travel. Thanks! That way we can get you appropriately timed answers. That said, don't hesitate to also continue to use this thread and other IC threads in the Ancients Legacy forum to express IC actions and ideas. ///



*Letter To Andrew delivered
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*Letter To Andrew delivered by those amazing messenger birds*

Dear friend Andrew..

Missed you at Stormcrest. I was at the Deliar temple in Port Hempstead which took many hours just to see the priestess there. Not my original destination...but not giving up.

The Deliarites are generally happy that Deliar and Prunilla "Dance together" as they put it and to them it seems Deliar is pleased with his faithful. That's all they told me about the stars.

Ferrit and I are trying to get to Erylin to see the Shindelarians. Difficult...since the ships here are reluctant to leave port. Unless you have a different plan...that's where we are going. We will get together soon.

May the Muse inspire you,


//PM coming soon



A tiny brownie in a red dress
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A tiny brownie in a red dress looks out the window from the kitchen amidst the smell of  roasted venison and baked pies with a worried look.  Considering the implications of Prunilla's Constellation wandering away from Deliar's in the sky, she contemplates the implications of how this might might affect their happy marriage.  She says a silent prayer over a tray of cooling cupcakes for them to resolve their issues and rekindle their relationship before serving her delicious delicacies to the hungry people of the taverns and needy homeless people in the streets outside.



(( If there are any PMs and
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(( If there are any PMs and requests we have missed and which need to be resolved before Saturday's quest, kindly remind us today.  Otherwise, we'll assume there is nothing more for this round. ))