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Stirrings in the Night Sky...

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Well after midnight, Ferrit glanced up at the night sky after leaving the store.  Puzzled and alarmed by the change in Shindaleria's constellation, she changed her route and headed toward Krandor to find Kyle.  A trip to Erilyn would be needed.  Noting Prunilla's new position as well, she wondered what it might mean for her granddaughter, Katelyn. 

A small fire in an old, deserted cave beneath a cold, starfilled night sky. Muffled conversations of rangers returning or going out on patrol, about the weather, events or gear fading away into the background and giving way to the nocturnal symphony outside. Here, in the twilight of distant starlight and the homely flicker of  a campfire stood a small silhouette, two amber-colored eyes stared up at the strange ballet on the night sky. When he woke the next morning, he decided to hurry south, to make an inquiry.

// This event takes place one game month after the first movement of starsWhile more and more people are still looking up to ponder the meaning of the month-old Heavenly activity, the stars belonging to Lucinda begin to transit across the sky, moving in a way that looks as if her stars fade out on the trailing edge only to flare back into being along the leading edge. Her stars circle the co-orbiting pair until they can move into formation with them, with Prunilla to her right and Shindaleria to her left. The rest of the night on the western continents passes without any additional upheavals, but those watching nightfall on Dregar make note of the most surprising change yet: The Creator's Hammer, an immobile testament to Dorand's unyielding tradition and strength, is out of place. By nightfall the following night, the Hammer has joined the circle, taking place opposite of Prunilla and between Lucinda and Shindaleria. // Some people have active PM chains with us involving  posted and PMed actions.  These actions are still pending for the moment, but they will catch back up with the general timeline once a few details have been resolved. Please be patient.

As the night sky seems to be changing more instead of the stars returning to their rightful places after their dalliances, Daniella Stormhaven packs her bag and heads to the Citadel of Toran.  //PM incoming

It took Tyra longer than she would have liked to become aware of the events stirring in the heavens.  For one so prone to gallavanting about at night, she would have thought she might look to the stars at least once over the last month.  But having lost much of her faith in Gods in her youth and caring more about mortal affairs than those of the Gods, she thought nothing of the early gossip about moving stars.Now she sat at the window in her rented apartment at the Green Dragon, her base of operations while she investigated (unwisely some might say) strange goings on in Vehl despite her exile from Co'rys.  She longed for the old astronomy equipment she had in the tower she rebuilt in Dapplegreen.  The tower Co'rysian officials confiscated following her exile.  She had no idea what was happening in the heavens, or any idea what to make of it.   She sat looking for Beryl's Geode and Toran's Guiding Light, wondering what constellation would move next, and what it all meant, until she could sit no longer, and decided to pay the grounds around Rofirein's temple a visit, hoping to collect some gossip about these strange occurances.//PM incoming


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