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Stirrings in the Night Sky...
« on: December 17, 2014, 10:21:35 pm »
As night falls across the continents of Mistone and Alindor, astute skywatchers and members of Lady Comfort's faithful take note as Prunilla's Gift begins to move across the sky and away from its usual place around Traveler's Luck. By midnight, Prunilla's stars slow their movement and come to rest nearly directly overhead at midnight. Within minutes of this event, the Great Tide representing Mother Ocean's presence in the heavens breaks away from its place in the southern sky and rolls like a deep-water wave toward the same part of the sky now occupied by Prunilla. With the first touch of morning in Katherian and Spellgard, the two groups of stars begin to orbit slowly around a common point between them.
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Stygian watched the stars
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Stygian watched the stars throughout the night, his lips pursed in thought. An event such as this was very rare indeed, and as a practitioner of the Dark Arts he knew that such things often were portents, or had underlying meanings to the uninitiated… they often meant opportunity to him and his ilk as well. As the first rays of morning light began to creep above the horizon and the occasional cloud darkened to deep red, he went inside and made his way to his library. He pulled every book he owned on astrology, astronomy, and the deities and began reading. He was particularly interested in the point of the sky where the two constellations were now rotating. Throughout the day servants brought him strong cups of coffee to ward off the sleep his body seemed to  want so badly.



The bard hustles about his
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The bard hustles about his inn, ordering and planning and trying to pry words from the increasingly quiet Lola, and therefore misses skyside events in his good-natured obliviousness. It is not until  a few evenings later that the stellar news reaches his ears from sharper-eyed patrons, Deliarian halflings to be exact. It is from their card table in the gaming room, scattered with lucky clovers and rabbit's feet and shimmering gold coins, that the three young halfling men speak of the moving constellations they've observed as they've been sleeping under the stars on their trek from Taur'en to the Hold.

The bard passes some time with the trio but is eager to head to his roof and observe. As soon as he can politely extract himself, he sets up a telescope, sketches the events as he understands them, and finshes with an observed sketch of the new positions, wondering with some sadness if Lady Comfort and Lord Luck had a falling out? Well - Ilsare's loving touch will mend, certainly. Yet this bears looking into, and so he contacts a few people and decides to seek a ship's captain and priestess of  Shindelarian who almost certainly has noticed these changes and, given her proximity to her lady's domain, might have additional information. A quick pack and short trip to the docks later, he begins to inquire the whereabouts of the Jakzonvilet and one Captain Emilia.


//Jakzonvilet and Captain Emilia are from char dev. quest with Osxmallard.




*Kyle was sitting on one of
« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2014, 11:15:46 pm »

*Kyle was sitting on one of the benches outside the house in Krandor in quiet thought when he noticed the movement of the stars. Puzzled...he goes into the house to get a looking glass. Upon finding one...he looks at the new positions of the stars growing more puzzled by the minute.*

"Strange. Stars don't usually move like that. I'll need to speak with a priestess of Shindelaria. They'll know better on what this means. Ferrit will want to come too. Better find her..."

*Before he leaves...he takes his Spear of the Keeper's Guard off of the weapons rack and packs it. He has this nagging feeling he will need to become profcient in it's use.*





When was the last time the
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When was the last time the the stars had shifted, it had been awhile since Elohanna had thought about it, and not until she sat around the fire in center, did she begin to remember the details from so long ago. The sky was full of dust back then, and some believed the sky would never been seen again and around the time of the famine. Now it was happening again, and it truly unsettled her. When the last fight occured between the God's, Aeridin had chosen to forbid half elfs, or half species of any kind. But this didn't seem to involve Aeridin. What could it be? Whatever it was she was certain that they did not want to be caught unprepared and thought perhaps it was time for another visit to North Point to visit her own church, and find out what they may know, if they had heard anything yet? Perhaps on her way to North Point she would hear more. 

Elohanna Min A'Litae, Priestess of Aeridin
Breanna Shadowraven, Wizard/Rogue of Folian S'pae
Cord, Bard of Ilsare
Melaa A'nadivian, Ranger of Folian S'pae


Well after midnight, Ferrit
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Well after midnight, Ferrit glanced up at the night sky after leaving the store.  Puzzled and alarmed by the change in Shindaleria's constellation, she changed her route and headed toward Krandor to find Kyle.  A trip to Erilyn would be needed.  Noting Prunilla's new position as well, she wondered what it might mean for her granddaughter, Katelyn.




A small fire in an old,
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A small fire in an old, deserted cave beneath a cold, starfilled night sky. Muffled conversations of rangers returning or going out on patrol, about the weather, events or gear fading away into the background and giving way to the nocturnal symphony outside. Here, in the twilight of distant starlight and the homely flicker of  a campfire stood a small silhouette, two amber-colored eyes stared up at the strange ballet on the night sky.

When he woke the next morning, he decided to hurry south, to make an inquiry.



// This event takes place one
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// This event takes place one game month after the first movement of stars

While more and more people are still looking up to ponder the meaning of the month-old Heavenly activity, the stars belonging to Lucinda begin to transit across the sky, moving in a way that looks as if her stars fade out on the trailing edge only to flare back into being along the leading edge. Her stars circle the co-orbiting pair until they can move into formation with them, with Prunilla to her right and Shindaleria to her left. The rest of the night on the western continents passes without any additional upheavals, but those watching nightfall on Dregar make note of the most surprising change yet: The Creator's Hammer, an immobile testament to Dorand's unyielding tradition and strength, is out of place. By nightfall the following night, the Hammer has joined the circle, taking place opposite of Prunilla and between Lucinda and Shindaleria.


// Some people have active PM chains with us involving  posted and PMed actions.  These actions are still pending for the moment, but they will catch back up with the general timeline once a few details have been resolved. Please be patient.



As the night sky seems to be
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As the night sky seems to be changing more instead of the stars returning to their rightful places after their dalliances, Daniella Stormhaven packs her bag and heads to the Citadel of Toran.  

//PM incoming



It took Tyra longer than she
« Reply #9 on: October 04, 2014, 10:02:39 am »

It took Tyra longer than she would have liked to become aware of the events stirring in the heavens.  For one so prone to gallavanting about at night, she would have thought she might look to the stars at least once over the last month.  But having lost much of her faith in Gods in her youth and caring more about mortal affairs than those of the Gods, she thought nothing of the early gossip about moving stars.

Now she sat at the window in her rented apartment at the Green Dragon, her base of operations while she investigated (unwisely some might say) strange goings on in Vehl despite her exile from Co'rys.  She longed for the old astronomy equipment she had in the tower she rebuilt in Dapplegreen.  The tower Co'rysian officials confiscated following her exile.  She had no idea what was happening in the heavens, or any idea what to make of it.   She sat looking for Beryl's Geode and Toran's Guiding Light, wondering what constellation would move next, and what it all meant, until she could sit no longer, and decided to pay the grounds around Rofirein's temple a visit, hoping to collect some gossip about these strange occurances.

//PM incoming



After some unfruitful
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After some unfruitful investigation in Haven, it becomes clear to Stygian that the pathetic indignus serving Prunilla know nothing more than the sheep flocking to them with questions. He sits at his desk for a few minutes in thought. He taps his fingers, mentally considering and weighing the consequences and benefits of his actions.

At last he pens a quick letter to his Brothers in the Mesgard Maligare. When complete he seals the parchment with a blob of black wax, affixes his personal seal, and inscribes a curse to be unleashed on any person not of the Veneficus Order that opens it. He summons his familiar, a small red devil with a forked tail and instructs it to deliver the missive, and to also ensure it does not fall into the hands of any Sancti. (PM Sent – See Character Profiling.)

Unknown to Stygian, a servant of the Oraculum Mortis watches from the shadows in his home… ready to report his actions to its true master. See Character Profiling.)



*In the dark of night, a lone
« Reply #11 on: October 05, 2014, 09:21:01 pm »

*In the dark of night, a lone rider makes his way up the snowy and dangerous climb of the Breck Mountains.  The pony he rides has obviously made the climb several times based on its unbelievable pace.  At certain times the moonlight catches the insignia of an axe on the rider's cloak and an occasional glimmer of mithril from his neck.  The direction is Ulgrid and his determination is unquestioned.*

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// This event takes place one
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// This event takes place one game month after the second movement of stars and two months after the first.

Another month passes since the latest upheaval in the night sky and many turn their eyes upward for the next portent that will show itself in the Heavens. They are not disappointed. While no one sees the beginnings of motion, when the sky is dark enough, Goran's Tool can be seen gliding from its place in the western sky toward the Four now circling overhead. By midnight, it takes its place between Dorand and Lucinda. And, in an event much discussed and theorized before this night, Traveler's Luck begins a similar crawl across the sky, eventually finding a place in the circle of stars in formation between Prunilla and Shindaleria as the six constellations turn slowly about a common, unseen point between them all.



As Elohanna travels between
« Reply #13 on: October 06, 2014, 06:33:15 am »

As Elohanna travels between North Point and The main Prunilla temple, she keeps track of the other dieties, watching to see if Aeridin, or Ilsare have moved as well. 

Elohanna Min A'Litae, Priestess of Aeridin
Breanna Shadowraven, Wizard/Rogue of Folian S'pae
Cord, Bard of Ilsare
Melaa A'nadivian, Ranger of Folian S'pae


*Storold instruct the ones
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*Storold instruct the ones atuned to magic in his household to spread out over the northern part of Dregar and report any weakening of magic back to him to ensure that the Lady is best prepared for what is to come. He provides them with enough true for them and their families to live in the location for a year and instruct them not to take major risks, but rather report back as soon as possible.*



With frequent glances toward
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With frequent glances toward Ilsare's heart and clef, Andrew turns his black-brown eyes on a spot in the sky as his breathing is defined by the chill air on top of the Buckle. Circled by Prunilla and Shindelaria's stars first, then one month later Lucinda's and Dorand's, and one month after that Goran's and Deliar's, that bit in the middle...intrigues him. With his wife on the way to North Point and Ty and Lola out into the world, he has a rather sudden freedom to investigate. A bittersweet freedom - he can't even think that word, but to see a child's face - yet he can't deny the twitch of excitement once the concept works past his emotional reaction. Through a hastily purchased telescope, he sketches.

The Al'Noth will be used, almost certainly, to explore that spot. But what about technology? There was a time, during the Green Dragon Cult wars, when Goran's children helped them all - and the bard still has a contact name. 

They have to have a telescope bigger than this. They're gnomes. They simply have to, because, well; why wouldn't they?



Another thought strikes him
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Another thought strikes him as he pens a message to his contact in Hempstead. Dorand's Hammer...Goran's Tool...Shindelaria's Wave - hm, odd one out - then Traveler's Luck, Prunilla's Gift, and Lucinda's Necklace.

What are you lot up to? Are you building something up there?



*Frustrated by the reluctance
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*Frustrated by the reluctance of the captains at the Vinn Dolan docks...Kyle heads back towards the Crimson Eagle Memorial where he meets Ferrit whom he had caught up with a few days earlier. The sky was turning to dusk and the stars in thier new positions were becoming visible in the night sky. And right on schedule...the doom sayers started calling out their predictions of doom.*

"Ceela...unless you know of a way to get to Erylin other than by boat...we are stuck here. The captains are just too nervous about the stars and their new dance in the sky. I say we look for other guild members nearby and see what they think of this." *Looks up at the stars.* "What I wouldn't give to be at an observatory right now..."



// This event takes place one
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// This event takes place one game month after the third movement of stars and three months after the first.

Stargazers, scholars and the clergy of many religions look upward another month hence from the last shift in the Heavens and bear witness to yet another upheaval. From it's place in the East, Aragen's Book moves toward the Six. The transit takes most of the night, and as the Book nears the others, the circle parts for Aragen's admittance. In the slow dance that takes place over the next few hours, Aragen's book comes to rest in the center of the other stars. The circle closes its formation again and its movement, even the slow rotation, comes to a complete stop, or at least slows to be imperceptible. Though no one can be sure, there is a sense of completeness about what now appears overhead.



*Griff stands atop a snowy
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*Griff stands atop a snowy mountain near the Ulgrid fortress.  He stares into the night sky, his axe drawn and in his hand down by his side.  He observes the odd movements of the stars and the Justice of Him.  As the circle of stars parts for Aragen's Book and then slow to a stop he raises his axe into the cold night air and prays as he looks up*

Fatha we will beh Vigilant!  Guide meh to Ye service n show meh the course Oi must take on dis.  Praise ye name Vorax n let meh do dat which is Yer will.  Oi tank ye fer be'n wit meh on dis mount n Oi strive wit all meh moight tah answer when Oi'm called.

*He then descends the mounts and back to the Ulgrid Fortress.*