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Stirrings in the Night Sky...

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As night falls across the continents of Mistone and Alindor, astute skywatchers and members of Lady Comfort's faithful take note as Prunilla's Gift begins to move across the sky and away from its usual place around Traveler's Luck. By midnight, Prunilla's stars slow their movement and come to rest nearly directly overhead at midnight. Within minutes of this event, the Great Tide representing Mother Ocean's presence in the heavens breaks away from its place in the southern sky and rolls like a deep-water wave toward the same part of the sky now occupied by Prunilla. With the first touch of morning in Katherian and Spellgard, the two groups of stars begin to orbit slowly around a common point between them.

Stygian watched the stars throughout the night, his lips pursed in thought. An event such as this was very rare indeed, and as a practitioner of the Dark Arts he knew that such things often were portents, or had underlying meanings to the uninitiated… they often meant opportunity to him and his ilk as well. As the first rays of morning light began to creep above the horizon and the occasional cloud darkened to deep red, he went inside and made his way to his library. He pulled every book he owned on astrology, astronomy, and the deities and began reading. He was particularly interested in the point of the sky where the two constellations were now rotating. Throughout the day servants brought him strong cups of coffee to ward off the sleep his body seemed to  want so badly.

The bard hustles about his inn, ordering and planning and trying to pry words from the increasingly quiet Lola, and therefore misses skyside events in his good-natured obliviousness. It is not until  a few evenings later that the stellar news reaches his ears from sharper-eyed patrons, Deliarian halflings to be exact. It is from their card table in the gaming room, scattered with lucky clovers and rabbit's feet and shimmering gold coins, that the three young halfling men speak of the moving constellations they've observed as they've been sleeping under the stars on their trek from Taur'en to the Hold.The bard passes some time with the trio but is eager to head to his roof and observe. As soon as he can politely extract himself, he sets up a telescope, sketches the events as he understands them, and finshes with an observed sketch of the new positions, wondering with some sadness if Lady Comfort and Lord Luck had a falling out? Well - Ilsare's loving touch will mend, certainly. Yet this bears looking into, and so he contacts a few people and decides to seek a ship's captain and priestess of  Shindelarian who almost certainly has noticed these changes and, given her proximity to her lady's domain, might have additional information. A quick pack and short trip to the docks later, he begins to inquire the whereabouts of the Jakzonvilet and one Captain Emilia. //Jakzonvilet and Captain Emilia are from char dev. quest with Osxmallard. 

*Kyle was sitting on one of the benches outside the house in Krandor in quiet thought when he noticed the movement of the stars. Puzzled...he goes into the house to get a looking glass. Upon finding one...he looks at the new positions of the stars growing more puzzled by the minute.*"Strange. Stars don't usually move like that. I'll need to speak with a priestess of Shindelaria. They'll know better on what this means. Ferrit will want to come too. Better find her..."*Before he leaves...he takes his Spear of the Keeper's Guard off of the weapons rack and packs it. He has this nagging feeling he will need to become profcient in it's use.*  

When was the last time the the stars had shifted, it had been awhile since Elohanna had thought about it, and not until she sat around the fire in center, did she begin to remember the details from so long ago. The sky was full of dust back then, and some believed the sky would never been seen again and around the time of the famine. Now it was happening again, and it truly unsettled her. When the last fight occured between the God's, Aeridin had chosen to forbid half elfs, or half species of any kind. But this didn't seem to involve Aeridin. What could it be? Whatever it was she was certain that they did not want to be caught unprepared and thought perhaps it was time for another visit to North Point to visit her own church, and find out what they may know, if they had heard anything yet? Perhaps on her way to North Point she would hear more. 


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