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Author Topic: Leaving the Academy, Meeting Place  (Read 744 times)


Leaving the Academy, Meeting Place
« on: April 28, 2015, 12:21:12 pm »
Before leaving the Academy, Acacea thanks Zang for his help and gnomish practice, and asks that he make at least a token effort to keep the matter reined in for a time. She mentions that if he wanted to reach her, she'd get word at Al's Place eventually, but Spellgard could reach her more urgently. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else came looking, she grins.

Outside, she seems antsy or unconsciously impatient, tapping keys together or twitching belled wrists in the bouncing, repetitive rhythm of someone unaware or uncaring of their habits.
We should talk. Before we go further. She glances to Plenarius and then away again to the others remaining. Somewhere quiet, she adds, stressing the word despite the noise.

I... know a place safe from ears and blades, but... We'd need to take a portal and there are... considerations. If there is another place even half as safe from intrusion we might go there, instead. She hesitates before adding, If the intent is to make-safe, we could also go to the treehouse for munchies, but we'd be dependent on our own wards... which is as good as saying we are dependent on no one trying. I think we should send to the others, too, and wait until we can all meet - it will also give people time to gather what they have. Moustache, Door, Andrew-in-the-Red-Coat, Tyra, not the dwarf? Unless - She seems to have a thought but glances up and doesn't say it aloud.((Just getting plot-huddle meeting time/place out there for consideration/agreement, particularly those who were not on the last session. This Saturday regular plot time work for most people? Also, just suggesting if anyone had any information they needed to clarify that they do so ASAP so a DM has time to see it beforehand. Lastly, if someone has missed any session or all sessions, especially the last one, and would like to participate but be caught up beforehand to avoid info-overload in the 'meeting,' your character can contact Acacea and we can hook up so she can catch you up as much as she is able. Alternatively, you can PM me and she will contact you (providing the character is not a known enemy), if you would like to be involved but don't think your character would message her.))
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((//I'm going to guess not
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((//I'm going to guess not the day after tomorrow, how 'bout May 9th? Will give some time for premeeting catchups, too :) ))



//I think the day after
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//I think the day after tomorrow would work better for me. I don't have absolute plans next weekend but I probbly will after this weekend ;)



//weekends aren't the best
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//weekends aren't the best for me really.  I'd rather do something on a weekday pm edt.  Just saying...



//Wed-Fri evening PST-ish or
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//Wed-Fri evening PST-ish or Sat mornings about the time we have been doing.



My outlook..This Saturday I
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My outlook..

This Saturday I happen to be free about usual quest time. not sure beyond that USA evening is too late for me unless pretty early evening.



//Saturday around usual quest
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//Saturday around usual quest time is best for me. I work from 2pm-10pm Mon-Fri EDT