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Author Topic: Wolfswood Ranger Corps Reserves and Retired Activated  (Read 85 times)


Wolfswood Ranger Corps Reserves and Retired Activated
« on: January 25, 2015, 11:21:16 am »
*The fastest messengers are dispatched to the reserve and retired rangers around the lands stating that they have been recalled, if able. As the rangers gather, travel, and draw attention, the word spreads that the Veil in Morhort on Alindor has lifted. Active and reserve rangers' assignments have been revised to meet the needs along the Morholt border. The retired rangers will backfill the open spots near the camp and other light duties.* *The leaders of the Wolfswood corresponds with all town, village, and large camp leaders on Alindor to inform them about the Veil lifting.* 


*As it is noticed that the
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*As it is noticed that the word has spread, rangers have been dispacthed to several high traffic areas. Any traveler arriving at the docks of Kitherian are met by rangers with the warnings of possible danger outside city limits.*

*Rangers are posted in Mariner's Hold, Fort of Kings, Fort Homestead and Lan's Port to warn anyone traveling East about the possible dangers to the East of Erilyn. They request that if they encounter anything unusal to report it to the nearest ranger they can find.*