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« on: August 28, 2015, 01:34:57 am »
Hi,I'm currently working on a Cleric of Dorand character. My aim is for him to eventually become a weapon and armour smith and a brewer (yes stereotypical I know). I remember striking a snag with my previous cleric character when it came to smithing as he had low dexterity. It seems that a standard barbarian would be more suited to smithing. Any advice on this?Regards,Eltalstro


Hi,You can still make a
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You can still make a cleric with a +1 on dex theres no point in going higher then +1 for dex, as a cleric you would want heavy armor which only allows +1 AC from dex for full plate. Ive found more use to spread your points rater than start out with 1 stat at 18 and your other stats suffer. Even having a decent Int will help with skill points and with a little RP you can get a " ear" for additional languages if your Int is +1 or above. 

weapon and Armor smithing takes strength and dex, even mining takes alot of strength to gather the ores and carry it out,  and do decent damage to get the ores as most is absorbed while mining.  Less damage while mining means you will be mining longer (power attack helps)  which means spawns will be coming back before you mine it all.

Your biggest challenge will be getting anything past bronze. Iron is difficult to get by yourself,  while platinum I fould is  easier (for a lvl 18)

 I believe brewing (cooking) uses wisdom (somone correct me if thats wrong) so this is pretty easy to go up in. Hitting lvl 8 is pretty easy in a short time. plenty of seeds around  for brewing

You can buff yourself before crafting which is allowed which helps at lower levels. As a Barb you could only buff using Rage, (str, Con) while a cleric you would get spells. I dont have any clerics so correct me if I'm wrong but I think theres a few stat buff spells they dont get. You could buy rings and ammys for stat boost help to get started in crafting lower levels your not good at. Its expensive, but is an option.

Send me a PM if you have any other questions. looking forward to seeing you ingame.

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Clerics don't get dex spells,
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Clerics don't get dex spells, but that's secondary.  You can collect equipment to help you with it.



You might even consider
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You might even consider ranger. They do get str and dex buff spells and often have high str, dex and wisdom to boot... Just my two cents though, I've never played a cleric...



Hog wash! My halfling
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Hog wash! My halfling sorceress (with CHA being her class trait) and wizard do plenty of smelting, armor, and weapon making!

As a cleric, like Mrs. Serissa said, you buy jewelry, potions, and scrolls (if you can read them) to help you over the initial hump. Or...have halfling sorceress and wizard cast some spells on you. It takes bit of effort, time and patience, but it definitely do-able. You don't have to have a massive amount of points in a trait to be good at any craft. 1 mod point (2-3 points in any trait) is only an increase in 5% chance.


Feel free to give me a holler IG! :)



I made a ranger back in the
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I made a ranger back in the day but he was a bit broken might try again sometime.



The dexterity isn't that bad
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The dexterity isn't that bad for smithing.  With any craft it's about perseverence and continually working goods for the craft xp.  Since a dwarf cleric typically has strength with strength gear and spells, that low dexterity doesn't matter that much.  Clerics tend to have the most crafts to enjoy since they can use all the tools with martial weapon proficiency learned, have nice spells to infuse and scribe with and decent wisdom for alchemy.  Most of all, being a dwarven dorandite means that you have a heavy RP reason to craft all the time.