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Author Topic: How does one get a Notice or Name Plate on the front door of a House (186 Haven)  (Read 4691 times)


Bron & Markyl (and Van and Gumbo I think) just bought a house: 186 Haven.

It does not look as if I have the capability to put a notice or name plate on the door of the house.

I'd like it to read:
Crimson Company



I guess I was mistaken, there is a nameplate on it with Bron Skallagrimsson's name (only visable if other toons check, not Bron).
If this house ends up being Crimson Company for a long period of time then I'd like that nameplate changed to Crimson Company (if that's easy). But for now this is fine.
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That would require a database edit, to my knowledge. While I cannot help you with that, I took the liberty and placed a sign right next to the door. I know it is only temporary and I will have to redo it after a server reset, but it is something I can provide for the time being.
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