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This thread is for all those questions about how far one place really is from another, and how long it will take to get there. Why? Because there clearly is some confusion as to how far and how fast our intrepid adventurers can travel in a given day (by players and GMs alike, heh).

How this works:

1. Fill out the form below. (copy and paste into your post)

            [b][u]Layonara Date[/u][/b]:


[u][b]Starting City/Location[/b][/u]:

[u][b]Ending City/Location[/b][/u]:

[u][b]Vehicles (Horse, Dragon, Cart, etc.)[/b][/u]:

[u][b]Magic (Haste, Teleport, etc.)[/b][/u]:

[u][b]Additional Notes[/b][/u]:
2. A GM will respond with the appropriate distance from your starting point to your ending point, as well as how long it will take for your character to make the trip. We will take into consideration everything from terrain (it will take you much longer if mountains are in the way, for instance), to trade routes, to lack of roadways, to magical barriers.

Simple, yeah? We won't always be able to respond super fast, so if you need to post something that has to do with distance, just note in your post that you're waiting on confirmation of how long your journey will take, and then update your post when we give you the answer.

Layonara Date: Any

Continent: Belinara to Voltrex

Starting City/Location: Hilm, Belinara

Ending City/Location: Ov'dear, Voltrex

Vehicles (Horse, Dragon, Cart, etc.): Dragon, Ship

Magic (Haste, Teleport, etc.): Tree Walking Branch, Barbarian movement.

Additional Notes: Hey Milty, just seeing what you can and can't handle.  Just getting a feel for this, so we know limitations and what not.  Someone had to be first, with that said, here is a toughy for you.

Single person (Aerimor) With Barbarian Movement travels from Hilm to the entrance to the deep via Dragon wing.  From the entrance to the deep to the Emerald Mines he travels on foot with barbarian movement.  He losses two days for fighting on the way.

He departs the Emerald mines after spending half a day in battle and exploration and travels to the Surface again (not to Hilm) and losses one day in battles.

Once on the surface he uses his attunement with nature and tree walks to Port Hempstead Fields.  There he spend half a day resting before using the House Portal to travel to Arnax.

From Arnax he travels via ship to Voltrex.  He by-passes 'visitor check-in' with a pass and exits the port city on foot.

Once in the forests he travels via the quickest route (flying? but not dragon wing, maybe dragon whelp?) spending one day in the verdant growth and natural bliss of one of the plethora of forests he passes through.

If you can't do the Deep, Hilm to Ov'dear via the route listed above, unless there is a quicker one.

Like I said, interested in your abilities at this point and what we have charted/figured out.

No rush, just a test run.

Unknown User:
Layonara Date:Once each season (4 trips)


Starting City/Location:Ulgrid Fortress

Ending City/Location: Lyn

Vehicles (Horse, Dragon, Cart, etc.):Level 22 monk running

Magic (Haste, Teleport, etc.):Monk Speed and barbarian speed

Additional Notes: He is in a hurry with vital information.

Unknown User:
Layonara Date: N/A

Continent:  Mistone to Dregar

Starting City/Location:  Leringard

Ending City/Location:  Lor

Vehicles (Horse, Dragon, Cart, etc.):  Two scenarios: 1) ship, port to port and 2) via portal to Prantz then horse from Prantz to Lor at normal riding speed.

Magic (Haste, Teleport, etc.):  Haste

Additional Notes:  N/A


where is this place or where do u larp can u message me where u do it because i cant see any post some reason unless there arent any post


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