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Author Topic: Location of places given by pawners quests suggestion.  (Read 141 times)


Location of places given by pawners quests suggestion.
« on: October 03, 2016, 05:45:36 am »
Ive been doing these quests for a while and some palces are really hard to find, so I was wondering if its possible to add the continent on where the city is located on where to deliver the goods.This city in particular in stumped on is Fieroz City, It seems familar, just cant remember where it is or even what continent.  Ive searched Lore to give me an idea where its at but found nothing.I feel by adding the continent it would give people a sense of direction not only on helping them find the city, but better their understanding of the world as a whole.  
hmm.. I wonder where this  goes.


This is not a comment on the
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This is not a comment on the suggestion but on the problem the suggestion is meant to address. I believe in all cases except the specific one you mentioned, looking at maps of the continents would suffice. Belinara's map is not updated to reflect the Siphe Principality, however, which is where Fieroz is located.  Perhaps the Cartographers' Guild has not acknowledged their sovereignty over Hilm's land or something :P 



 You can:Ask your fellow
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 You can:

Ask your fellow adventurers for directions/assistance.






said fellow adventurer had no
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said fellow adventurer had no idea either

hmm.. I wonder where this  goes.


Without giving an answer
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Without giving an answer either way here, bear in mind that this (and actually many/most of the static quests) were designed with only place names in mind (vs. place names + continents/kingdoms/GPS coordinates) was to encourage exploration as opposed to a simple "FedEx" quest (i.e. Go here, get this, bring it somewhere else) that has only an invesment of time and a reward of XP, GP and/or some trinket. Contrast that with having absolutely no idea where Fieroz City is, just happening to stumble over it and getting the thrill of having found it...or maybe getting a few hours of RP in while someone guides you there or helps you in your quest to find it.

Anyway, that's the intent with how things are currently designed and implemented.


As a side note, I remember one time, aaages ago, where a quest was set to start at some place like Xora's Tower. In the quest description was something to the tune of, "If you don't know where this is and are not able to get there on your own, you probably should not attend this quest." To me, this turned the destination (which at the time I didn't know where it was nor could I likely have gotten there on my own!) from something I'd just heard of into a destination to be found (at some point)...and it was pretty cool when I did eventually come across it. Ymmv, of course!