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Hi there, been a long time. My kids are getting a bit older and have expressed interest in creating a character and playing with their daddy :) It would be fun, but question. I assume new characters are still being approved? My kids are 10 and 8, a bit young, so thought I'd ask opinions if we think Layo is still age appropriate for them.

Yep, we are. I try to get them the same day, but sometimes when I'm in a different environment (OS/browser/device) I totally forget to check since it doesn't come up much... hehe.

I think you're probably best judge on the age! For the most part the general world and public facing writing aims to be family friendly, but obviously we've had quests/series/stories in the past that have sometimes dealt with more mature themes/plots as long as they kept within the lines. There's not a lot of DM activity lately (although WeepingLily ran a quest last week), so you generally always know who you are going adventuring with and can talk to your friends about which dwarven swears are not appropriate for an 8 year old, I guess :P

Usually I think everyone's pretty happy to see young spawnlings picking up the torch, though :)

Thanks Acacea! Looking forward to playing with the kids. Nothing any worse than NFL commercials I'd say :)

I've asked my boys to write there own bios. I will help a bit and guide them towards more simple submissions, but please understand they are 10 & 8 :)

Simple is good, hah! I'll try to tone down my usual flavor of wall of text :D Hope to see you all in-game, soon.


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