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Server access / Character submission required?


Eluril Forestwarden:
Hi all,

After a long hiatus, my wife and I have been thinking about the fun and enjoyment that we had playing and DM'ing many years ago in Layonara. We are interested in coming back and hopefully bringing our son along to experience the world. My characters, and those of my wife, should still exist. As these characters were already approved (albeit many years ago, on the 2005 approved character listing) do we need to go through any other process or can we just log in and begin playing once more?

Following that line of thought, if we can just log in and play, I have to confess that we have forgotten the server password. If possible, could someone kindly pass that along to us?

Thank you for your time and assistance!  :)

Hi and welcome back!

Server population is pretty low nowdays, but a few of us still rampage around.  We defenitely would enjoy the extra company.  I think as long as you have all the new haks, tlks, etc and can load the game, then you should be able to retrieve your old players.  I would give you the password, but I'm not sure I'm allowed; better wait for a GM.

davidhoff's got it right :) Your old characters will still be there under whatever Bioware login you used back in the day. I've PMed you the server info and a link to a timeline. Welcome back!


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