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Starting Bard Skill points
« on: October 10, 2017, 08:20:11 pm »
In process of creating/ starting  my new Bard.Per the Bard info page it says Bards should receive 6 Skill pts + Int Modifier (and +1 for Human ) per level.4X this value at start (level 1) is I believe the NWN standard.In my case with a Human , 12 INT(+1)  that should be  skill pts./level  (6+1+1)   :  32 at Start.At character creation I am only being allowed 24 skill points.(Which I believe is the NWN standard of  4 Skill pts + Int Modifier (and +1 for Human) =6 in my case  (24 @ Start) Do I have this wrong ?  

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Hello Olme .This may shed
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Hello Olme .

This may shed some ligth into the subject .

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