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Epic Ranger feats
« on: October 12, 2015, 08:36:06 pm »
So Quenton Bowstringer just made level 24 (yay for me!) and he got to pick a feat. I remember he did not get a feat at the last level. However according to the chart at the NWN Wiki: , he should have gotten a feat last level and not at 24... Does Layonara have a different level table for epic rangers somewhere that I can't seem to find, or is the wiki wrong?Cheers!


Congrats on the level!OK, so
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Congrats on the level!

OK, so first, the Wikia article is not entirely accurate for Layonara, though it can be a useful reference for those things where we still have the default NWN implementation. This is the page you want to look at for Layonara's Ranger information:

Of course, that link gives similar information in terms of when the Bonus Feats are granted, and in fact, as far as I can see, Layonara uses the NWN standard for Ranger feat progression (though we have differences in the specific feats that are granted at certain levels).

Bear in mind, however, that Bonus Feats are not the only feats one gets...but rather they are...bonus! Bonus feats are generally from a limited subset of feats and cannot usually be picked from the "general" pool. NWN continues to grant feats every three levels that are picked from the general pool.

Digging a little deeper, I looked at your character file and I saw that you did actually gain a feat at Level 23 and at Level 24:

Level 23: Epic Prowess (which is on the Ranger Bonus Feat list)
Level 24: Great Dexterity II

Now, if there's one of these that is not showing up on your character or does not seem to be functioning properly, let us know. However, from what I can see, Quenton got the feats he was due.



Hey,It appears Layonara's
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It appears Layonara's feat progression is different from standard NWN on ranger.  Layo's version gives a ranger a new feat every three ranger levels like NWN but they have taken away the feat at every five levels after 20 like NWN had.  Layo's verion is here

So NWN gives an epic ranger a feat at: 20, 23, 25, 26, 29, 30, 32, and 35 (two feats)

Layo gives a ranger feats at: 20, 23, so on

Odd that you did not get a feat at 23 because both the Layo and NWN version give you one.

The feat you got at 24 was a general feat that all classes get at every third level.

Hope that helps,


//haha Dorg beat me to it!



Ohh yeah I got epic prowess
« Reply #3 on: October 12, 2015, 11:22:44 pm »

Ohh yeah I got epic prowess last level, I forgot about it... it is showing up in his charector sheet. And I did not realize that I still got a feat every three levels regardless of the bonus feats! Awsome! I'm taking the epic dex each level to try and get a base of 25 for the blinding speed feat. Tougher with a ghostwise loosing 2 dex out of the gate! 

Ok so I shouldn't get a feat at level 25 but I will get a bonus feat at 26 amd a normal feat at 27. 

Thanks for both of your replies!


On another note... Sure wish I got more spells or at least more spell slots in the epic levels... Once I switch to emerald rings soon, I'm gonna miss the bonus spell slots from the ranger specialty diamond rings.