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Description:  There are 2 discrepancies with lore and in game function with Greater Wildshape II.

1.  There is no DEX adjustment listed in Lore for the minotaur shape.  In game DEX = 12 or DEX - 2 for the minotaur shape.  I am not sure which

2. Lore states: "weapon properties only merge into Minotaur shape. Off-hand weapon and bracer/gauntlet/glove properties never merge."

The item merging for these shapes reads exactly the same as the Druid's Wildshape

"Merged: Armor, Helmet, Shield, Rings, Amulte, Cloak, Boots, Belt, Bracers, Weapon (If you had one equipped) or gloves to unarmed attacks."

Except Minotaur ends with the word "Weapon" so no gloves for Minotaur.  Though glove ability and skill bonuses do merge in all 3 shapes ;)


3. The Harpy shape has a base CON of 14 or +2 CON.  Lore is blank on the harpy's CON

The reason why I can't say for sure whether  these discrepancies are stat changes or modifies is because the Humanoid shape drow lists CON as (-2).


I think the problem is rather with your subrace skin. It doesn't merge when shapeshifting and you lose the stat adjustment.

I have no sub race skin, just straight elf.


Thanks Filatus for looking into this.

I am fooling around in single player and I am getting the same results for an elf shifter.  There is consistently a -2 DEX and +2 CON when shifting into greater wild shapes.  Shapes that do not hard set those stats anyway.  Only the ones that are suppose to be unaffected by shifting are being effected. O.o

So I built a human shifter.  A human shifter does not experience this where an elf shifter does.

It seems that for some reason greater wildshapes are counting the points allocated at character creation...

I recommend that this be moved to bioware bugs.



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