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warg riders in kreshin


Skabot Redwolf:
saw through my greater sanctuary? dunno if it's a bug in the area or what, might want to look into that though. was Skabot Redwolf, Bioware name C.Pooser, at around 12:06 tue, oct. 28.  Thanks for your attention to this matter.

G. Sanc is generally buggy, along with Invisibility.  Sometimes it happens, and it's something Bioware would have to fix.

If it's going to happen, it seems to be from the time you log on, so I try to go near something fairly harmless first, to be sure the spell is good.

I recall the player of Boon Loom (Frelinder, I take it) telling me that each time he has used Greater Sanctuary from Beryl's Stardusts, he has saved his character via the Orb of Remembrance upon entering each new area, and that due this day the spell has not failed him.

We need empiric testing on this ;)


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