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Zombies damaged by Death Armor

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I looked around and I didn't see this posted anywhere else, so the zombies in the Gloom forest (and maybe elsewhere, who knows) takes damage from the negative energy effects of Death Armor, despite being undead. As I understand it, undead are healed by negative energy.

I thought death armor was magic damage?

If it is, it's news to me. I just checked the description, and it doesn't list damage type. When we learn for sure what type of damage it is, I'll add that info to the spell description.

That is actualy not a bug it always have done that, every time i have went into a crypt with Rain i always had death armor on and it did it.

Just because it's always done that doesn't mean it's not a bug, it's means it's not a ~reported~ bug. :P

But you may be right. It may be set that way on purpose. We'll see.


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